Roman Wall

On Monday 25th March, the Year 4s went on a trip to Tower Hill where we observed and sketched a section of the Roman Wall of London. We learnt that this wall was originally built in 200AD as a form of protection from invading tribes and armies. It stretches 3.2km around London from Tower Hill in the East to Blackfriars in the West. 85 000 tonnes of stone, from nearby Kent, were used to make this impressive 10 metre wall. Furthermore, it’s Roman history is visible by spotting the red tiles strategically placed amongst many other types of rock used. Originally, the wall was only 6m high, with a deep, damp ditch on the outside of the wall to trap any sneaky enemies who might be approaching. However, over the years, the wall has been maintained, improved and now, preserved for many to enjoy and the ditch has been filled in.
We all really enjoyed this trip as it was a new experience for us to appreciate the stories behind Roman life as well as a chance to work on our sketching skills.