Maths Week

What a week! This week was Maths week at Osmani and we had so much going on.

Tony Charles presented maths shows and workshops with a magical twist relevant to the pupils learning. The shows included routines where repeating patterns, finding the difference, 2D/3D shapes, number bonds, recalling multiplication facts, place value, partition skills and many other areas were explored.

We also had fun making kites. Did you know that kite making and flying is a fun way to learn Science, Maths, Art and History?  The earliest kites date back to 9.000 to 9,500 BC.

We also had  a maths costume competition where some fantastic prizes could be won such as  dartboards, pool tables, board games and much more. All we had to  do was to be creative with our costumes.

Take a look at some of the photos of our week.