Bilingual Reading Sessions

In Nursery, we are celebrating the love for reading by telling stories in different languages.  Parents have been invited to come along and enjoy listening to stories with their children as well as taking part in telling the story in their own language. Parents were then given the opportunity to read stories with their child and encourage them to retell stories using pictures.

This is what the parents and children had to say about the sessions:

‘I like story. Its nice.’- Ya-Qi

‘I like it when my mummy reads stories with me. She let me look at the pictures and then she read the words.’- Zaira

‘I’m happy when my mum comes to story time.’- Wasima

‘It’s so fun! Marwah mum, Muaaz mum read story. We all do good listening.’-Zayn

‘Ratan say ‘Ki dasthe? Ki dasthe? (What can you see? what can you see?’- Ziyad

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