Nursery’s Trip to West Ruislip Lido

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This term Nursery had a great adventure on their summer trip to West Ruislip Lido. Parents were invited to join us on our trip. Both parents and children had a a fantastic day exploring the mini seaside. Everyone on the visit had an opportunity to get on a superb train ride, which took us on a journey through the woods directly to the beach. Children then spent time playing in the sand building sandcastles, others were excited to splash in the water, whilst some played near the water sprinklers.

Children engaged in conversations with peers and adults, asking questions and developing an understanding of the world around them.

“I like playing in the sand.” Adam Nursery Red

“I made a sandcastle with my friend.” Ayyan Nursery Pink

“The children enjoyed playing in the water, they were excited during their train ride.” Parent  Nazma

On the whole it was a memorable experience for everyone!

Parents Maths Session

On 19th January, Nursery invited all parents to engage in stimulating activities focusing on MATHS!

Parents were encouraged to join in with their child’s play and understand the maths learning behind each activity. It was a great opportunity for children to share their knowledge and understanding with their parents. Parents were extremely pleased with the range of  activities that were available.

Pink Class Mum- ” I am now aware of how I can support my child at home”.

Red Class Dad- ” Very engaging for children, as a lot of maths came out of the learning”.

IMG_1647 IMG_1667



This half term children had a great opportunity to be part of Spitalfield’s Music Project. Parents were invited to come along and join in with the fun with their children. It was a fun and engaging experience for parents, children and staff. Each week’s session was a journey out into the sea- with the help of our special treasure map to guide us.

During our journey, we visited several Islands where we encountered different adventures each time. Each Island consisted of a unique song and an activity e.g. we made a rocket in the rocket Island whilst singing ‘Zoom , Zoom, Zoom We’re Going to the Moon’.








Celebration in Nursery


This half term our topic is ‘Celebration’. In Nursery, we read the story of Rama and Sita and the children participated in taking roles of different characters, using character masks and props to act out the story as a whole class.

We also made Diva lamps using clay. This allowed children to explore clay and manipulate the material for a desired outcome. We discussed the texture of clay of how it felt and looked and talked about changes over time, thinking about what it will look like and feel like once it is dried. It was a fantastic learning experience as all children were engaged and stimulated across the Nursery.


Children Painting and decorating their Diva Lamps.


Welcome to Nursery

Starting school is a very big step and can be daunting for some children. However, this year at Osmani Nursery, we want to say a massive WELL DONE to all the children for settling in so well.

As part of our settling in period we have been making unique mobiles of ‘All About Me’ for every child. These mobiles consists of  things that are special to them.

All About Me Pics

During our Literacy sessions in Nursery, we have been reading and acting out the story of  The Three Billy Goats Gruff. The children really enjoyed the story especially the goats crossing over the troll’s bridge, during free flow they built a bridge for the goats to cross. Through this activity, we are pleased to say that children were turn taking, actively engaged and worked as a team.



We are really looking forward to seeing how this year progresses, considering the positive start the children have made already!