Tower Hamlets Ambassadors of Faith and Belief.

At Osmani, we invited Sixth Form students from secondary schools in Tower Hamlets to deliver presentations and Q&A sessions as part of their final training session to become an Ambassador of Faith and Belief.  The group of children represented a range of religions, faith perspectives and cultures.

Each student finished the training day by visiting one of the classes at our school to work with the pupils and deliver their final presentations. All classes in Years 1 to 6 were visited.  It was a great opportunity for both the students and our pupils at Osmani and it was clear they all learnt lots and enjoyed the visit!

The visitors said: “We really enjoyed our experience and hope to become teachers one day. Thank you to all the staff at Osmani for their wonderful hospitality”.

We wish the students the best of luck with their ambassador work in Tower Hamlets and look forward to having them at Osmani again.

Election Day

On Thursday 15th September, Osmani held their 2nd annual ‘Election Day’. The students from Year 2-6 voted for one boy and one girl to represent their class as their new Right’s Respecting Ambassadors.  In true democratic style, each child voted for their representatives and placed their anonymous vote into a class ballot box.

Congratulations to all the candidates and I look forward to working with the new Ambassadors this year.


Year 6 and Year 4 Perform at the Barbican!

On Monday the 11th July it was a very special evening. To celebrate 10 years of the Tower Hamlet Music Service, a wonderful concert was held at the Barbican Theatre that brought together hundreds of children from across the borough in a diverse celebration of music-making.

Osmani Primary school was proud to be represented in the concert by 2 group of children, from years 4 and 6, who played the violin and the cello. For these children, the concert was the culmination of a year of dedicated rehearsals and music lessons both in school and at venues across Tower Hamlets.

On the night there were a lot of butterflies in tummies and nervous instrument tuning back stage, however once the children were on stage they performed magnificently and did themselves, their strings tutors, their parents and the school proud.

Each group from Year 4 and Year 6 played a variety of pieces from classical to modern music alongside an orchestra of children of a similar age.

Awe-struck from playing on a world-renowned stage in front of a packed audience, one child said, “That was amazing!”

It was wonderful to see the children from Osmani participating in such a unique and exciting performance.

The Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES)

The Tower Hamlets Arts and Music Education Service (THAMES) celebrated its tenth anniversary this year. Since its formation in 2006, THAMES has worked with almost all schools in Tower Hamlets and they have supported pupils in having instrumental and vocal tuition on a weekly basis.

As part of the celebrations, our School Choir, Awards pupils and Year 4 instrumental learners performed as part of the Tower Hamlets Youth Orchestra, Awards Orchestra at The Barbican Main Hall in the City of London on Monday the 11th July 2016 at 7.00pm.
To view extracts of the musical performances, please click here.

Osmani Sports Day with Olympic Athlete Nathan Fox

On Thursday 16th June 2016, Osmani had its annual Sports Day! This  year was particularly special, because as well as having lots of sports activities and games to take part in, we also had a very special guest at our school. Olympic triple-jump athlete Nathan Fox came and delivered an inspiring assembly where he talked about how he achieved his goals and why it is important to persevere.  We also had an amazing opportunity to work with Nathan to learn different athletic and sports skills in a workshop.  It was a spectacular event!

Look out for Nathan Fox at the next Olympic games in Rio!

Osmani Summer Fete

What more could we ask for?   The sun was shining and everyone was smiling. It was a perfect day for our Summer Fete!

Children from Nursery to Year 6 had created products to sell using their allocated budget.

Also available was  ice-cream, the bouncy castle, and the opportunity to purchase enormous balloons.

Parents also helped out by making and selling some delicious food. It went down a storm!

Take a  look at the photos below.



Osmani is 30!

On Friday 27th May 2016, Osmani celebrated its 30th Anniversary as a primary school.

The theme for the day was the 1980’s so we went back to the future!

Staff and pupils came out in their best retro 1980’s costumes so the school was a sea of bright colours. Neon pink and green being most popular!

Each year group participated in an activity that was linked to learning about the 1980’s. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about the different fashions of the day, significant events, as well as what cartoons were popular during this decade.

Osmani is fortunate to have ex-pupils who are currently staff members.  So Year 6 pupils used their researching skills to interview Osmani’s ex-pupils to find out what life was like for them as pupils during the 1980’s and 1990’s. They presented their findings in a special assembly.

After the assembly pupils were treated to a special 1980’s cinema experience with KS1 watching The Little Mermaid and KS2 watching ET. What classics!

To party in style, children enjoyed celebrating our 30 years with a class party whilst also listening to 1980’s pop classics. This all happened whilst our governors and business partners enjoyed being hosted by Remi and other members of the senior leadership team to celebrate this momentous occasion.

We ended the day’s exciting events with a big sing off of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Happy Birthday’ a classic 1980’s hit!  Click here to view a short clip of the Happy Birthday sing off.

Pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and we all felt proud to be part of our amazing school.

Happy Birthday Osmani!

Tower Bridge Museum and Wilton’s Music Hall Shadow Puppet Project

Seven New to English families were chosen from Osmani to take a creative look at the history of London. Mum’s and Dad’s worked and performed alongside their children. They wrote a script, made shadow puppets and helped to compose the music to describe the story of Frank McClean who flew his hydroplane under Tower Bridge in 1912. Everybody really enjoyed the project which culminated in a public performance at Wilton’s. They shared the stage with other children from Tower Hamlets schools who had similarly been involved with preparing their own fascinating stories about the city we all live in.

To view the video please click here

Frank McClean flying his hydroplane under Tower Bridge in 1912.

Athletics Competition

Selected Osmani children from Y3-Y5 had the opportunity to participate in an Athletics Competition held at Mile End Stadium.  The competition was organised and run by BADU Sports (Broaden, Advance, Develop, Understand).  BADU Sports Coaches run sports activities at Osmani on a weekly basis.  20 Schools from the local boroughs, consisting of 260 children took part in the competition.  The children had a fantastic time taking part in 75m, 300m, 400m, full length laps, vortex howler throw, shot put and long jumps.

The Queen’s 90th

Osmani Primary School celebrated the Queen’s 90th birthday by having a whole school picnic. Fortunately the weather was sunny so the children enjoyed sharing food and then had a go at playing some of the games Her Majesty might have played when she was in school. The celebrations linked nicely with Maths Week and the children dressed either as money (many as coins with the Queen’s face on) or in the colours of our nation’s flag – red, white and blue.

P4210250 P4210255

P4210304 P4210278 P4210259


We marked this momentous occasion by having the first ever whole school photo in the KS2 playground.