We’re Going on a 3-D Shape Hunt!

This week in Reception we have been learning all about 3-D shapes.



“Look! It’s a sphere!”


We have learned the names for lots of new shapes and also been describing them too, by saying how many faces and edges they have.



We went on 3-D shape hunts all over Osmani school and were amazed by how many shapes we found!



“I found a cuboid: it’s got 6 faces and 12 edges!”




3-D shapes really are all around us!

Swedish Teachers Visit Osmani

On Friday 22nd January, we had the wonderful opportunity of welcoming 5 teachers from Sweden.  They had a tour of the school where they were able to observe many lessons such as Fit in 5, Phonics and Guided Reading. The teachers especially enjoyed spending time in the Early Years.

The Swedish teachers were very impressed with how well behaved the children were and the respect they showed towards each other and adults. They were also amazed at how creative the Learning Environment was throughout the school.

We look forward to continuing having links with our friends in Sweden.

Comments from the Swedish Teachers

“I worked with programming and robots and the students had such joy in their eyes, which made my day.”
We were very welcomed and taken care of and we got the chance to take part in what happens on a regular school-Friday, The staff took their time to answer our questions. So friendly!”

Diversity Day

Last term, the Osmani school councillors attended the annual Pupil Parliament event. During the course of the day, the children proposed an action plan to take back to school based on three topics. They were:

– Human Rights and Equality

– The Environment

– Opportunities for young people

On Friday 15th January we had our first Diversity Day to support equality for all. Both children and staff wore their culture’s traditional clothes so that we could celebrate the differences within our school and community.

Feliz Navidad



On Thursday 17th December 2015, we had a sensational Spanish day! Children from Early Years to Year 6 took part in various fun, educational activities throughout the day. Our theme was Christmas!

Children in Early years took part in singing a traditional Spanish song.

Children in Year 1 learnt how to say ‘Ola!’ (Hello)  and ‘Adios’ (Goodbye) in Spanish.

Choir at TH-Real Estate Christmas Function

Osmani Choir were given the fantastic opportunity of performing at TH-Real Estate’s Christmas function. The choir arrived at the prestigious Grange Hotel in St Paul’s and were greeted by a staggering audience of around 300 business professionals. The choir definitely put a smile on their faces by their renditions of Away in a Manger, Doo Wop Medley and We Wish You a Merry Christmas where the audience also participated in the final chorus of our final song.

TH-Real Estate also kindly donated a gift to all of the children as well as treating the children to a pizza lunch. Smiles were present all round from the children and the partners.

The choir would like to extend thanks to our partners for our lovely gifts and we would also like to thank Rebecca from Upstage for supporting us with our singing.


Choir at Bank of America

On Friday 11th December, Osmani Choir were invited to sing at Age UK’s Christmas Lunch which is a yearly charitable event put on by the Bank of America.

The choir sang four different songs with positive reviews all around. As part of the experience for the choir they were also treated to a special lunch, met Father Christmas and were given sweets as a reward for their time and efforts.



Karen McCombie, the Author Visits Osmani

Our KS2 pupils had a visit from wonderful author Karen McCombie. Karen has written 80 books now for children and she inspired us all by talking about her writing. She told us how she keeps a notebook about all the funny things that happen to her so that she can use them in her stories. The children enjoyed meeting her and had the chance to buy a book and get it signed by her.


Spiders, spiders – everywhere!

It’s Science week at Osmani Primary School – our theme this year is SPIDERS! We have been: observing, identifying, investigating and researching some amazing Spider facts and information. For example, did you know that the largest spider in the world is called the Goliath, bird eating tarantula!  And that some spiders do not spin webs!!!

So far, we have written spider poems and stories, studied the life cycle of a spider, created  information posters, designed and made spider webs and created and conducted a questionnaire (about spiders of course!) to name a few.

So please do talk to your child, to find out more about the fantastic learning that has been taking place.


Tower Hamlets Book Award

Five Year 6  pupils from Osmani School attended the Tower Hamlets Book Award at Swanlea School on Friday afternoon.smart-978144723667201

Nearly 300 pupils and teachers attended the award from 29 schools to watch performances based on the shortlisted books and find out which book would win the coveted Tower Hamlets award.

Kim Slater’s ‘Smart’ was voted best book by Tower Hamlets pupils in the 2015 Tower Hamlets Book Award. “Smart” is a powerful story of an autistic young boy with a difficult home life trying to discover  the mystery behind the death of a homeless man in his neighbourhood.


Present at the finale were four of the shortlisted authors who met pupils and  signed books throughout the afternoon – Kim Slater, Sam Gayton, G.R. Gemin, and Polly Ho-yen.DSC_0075

Jack And The Beanstalk

‘She’s behind you!’  The children from Year 1 to Year 6 experienced yet another exciting pantomime trip to the Hackney Empire.  This years adventures were with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’, introducing the children to a host of characters from Buttercup the Cow and Dame Daisy to two evil bugs and of course, Jack and the moody giant.  The children enjoyed the performance of a range of songs and dances along with some interesting additions to the traditional tale.  As always the children were invited to join in with the final song, with a few actions, this time to bring Buttercup home.  Fun was had by all, including the staff!