Get ready, Get set, Go Osmani Go !

Earlier today children from Year 5 and 6 participated in a Quadkids tournament at Mile End Stadium. They were up against other schools in Tower Hamlets and participated in a variety of different races, from quick sprints to slow and steady wins the race. Although it was cold and raining, the Osmani spirit remained strong and we even went on to win some races! Well done team Osmani, you did us proud!  

Year 5 at the British Library

This week Year 5 traipsed through the cold and rain to discover a new land full of words,pictures and patterns. They were fortunate enough to participate in a creative writing workshop that encouraged them to be creative with words and phrases that they discovered as they walked around the galleries at the library. The children then used these words to create a story as a collective group, emphasising the use of adjectives and adverbs. The children had a lot of fun getting creative as you can see!  



Maths Week

What a week! This week was Maths week at Osmani and we had so much going on.

Tony Charles presented maths shows and workshops with a magical twist relevant to the pupils learning. The shows included routines where repeating patterns, finding the difference, 2D/3D shapes, number bonds, recalling multiplication facts, place value, partition skills and many other areas were explored.

We also had fun making kites. Did you know that kite making and flying is a fun way to learn Science, Maths, Art and History?  The earliest kites date back to 9.000 to 9,500 BC.

We also had  a maths costume competition where some fantastic prizes could be won such as  dartboards, pool tables, board games and much more. All we had to  do was to be creative with our costumes.

Take a look at some of the photos of our week.

Year 5 travel into space…

This week Year 5 children were lucky enough to visit the Peter Harrison Planetarium in Greenwich, as part of our Topic on the Solar System. We traveled into space and discovered more about the universe we live in and the planets in our solar system. We had a great time discovering new things and dreaming of all becoming astronauts one day! 

‘Creating Our Future’ in collaboration with Bow Arts and Anne Harild through the medium of the creative arts

Osmani students and teachers had a series of fantastic whole-day workshops working in collaboration with Bow Arts. Creating our future was the inspiration for the theme of our work. We all had the opportunity to get our creative juices flowing, thinking about how to solve problems using the medium of the Arts.

Year 3

Using the theme Green London as a starting point, our mini Osmani designers, engineers and inventors identified and discussed issues to do with sustainability, the environment and how to look after our planet. The children discussed issues like air quality, pollution, traffic, recycling, water usage etc. Anne Harild our specialist artist worked with the pupils to identify one of these issues that they would like to solve by imagining and creating a building that could help make London greener.

The student’s ideas and designs were very rich and imaginative and included a building that consisted of a windmill seed disperser which could help plant more flowers all over London. Other ideas were – a building with a roof that collects water which runs into buckets that birds could drink from and a house-boat that recycles rubbish and builds houses from it. 

Our inspirational mini year 3 architects had the opportunity to bring their designs to life by engineering and creating fantastic models of their ‘buildings’ using various materials.

Year 5

Branching off from the theme Out of this World as a starting point, pupils in year 5 discussed how in the future we might be able to or need to travel and live in places that are hard to reach such as outer space or underwater worlds.

Our innovative Osmani architects and designers worked in pairs and identified a place they would like to build a dwelling for. Places included underwater worlds as well as the outer space and the middle of the earth. Some dwellings were moving vehicles.

Ideas included houseboats, submarines, tree houses and a house on the edge of a black hole. Year 5 had a brilliant time bringing their designs to fruition using various materials.

Year 1

Year 1’s inspirational theme was In the Garden. They discussed gardens, the natural world and talked about things that could be found in the garden. The children drew and labelled the habitats and structures they aspired to create for the garden and natural environments. Some were for humans to live in and some were for animals. Many of the buildings were concerned with issues of sustainability.

The children made really great models of their ideas that included tree houses, glass houses with lifts and buildings that collect water for animals as well as green houses and dens for animals and people.

Year 5 Jade
Year 5 Jade
Year 5 Jade
Year 5 Jade
Year 5 Jade
Year 5 Jade
Year 3 Gold
Year 3 Gold
Year 3 Gold
Year 3 Gold
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo
Year 1 Indigo

Y2 Owl Visit.

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Dave and the owls to help them write a non-fiction report on the same topic.  Dave told the children lots of useful information that would help them to construct their report, such as the smallest owl being able to fit into an adult’s pocket.  He introduced the children to an owl called Crackerjack, a falcon called Nigel and a Barn Owl called Plop!  Children also found out more about the types of food that owls like to eat, for example rats and mice.  He explained how they use their super hearing to hear the tiny footsteps of their prey from far away!  The visit ended with Y2 children bravely exploring and holding more creatures that live in owl habitats and may be targeted for hunting!  These included a tarantula, a milk snake, huge cockroaches, a hedgehog and a giant snail!  Year 2 excitedly shared the knowledge they have learnt with their talk partners and are using it to help them write their reports this week. 

Go Green for Sustainable Development!

Well done to all the children at Osmani School for taking part in the ‘Going Green’ project homework. The work you have carried out and the pledges you have made to create a sustainable lifestyle has been fantastic! We saw children banning the use of plastic straws in their homes, having car free days, recycling different materials, growing plants and vegetables and much more.

Congratulations to the following children who were chosen to win a reusable water bottle for their project homework and pledges to go green:

Sulaiman- EYFS
Tafida- KS1
Zeeshan- LKS2
Zara- UKS2

Keep up the good work!

Make noise, make change!

As part of Pupil Parliament action week, WE charity visited our school and delivered a special assembly about all the ways we could help make a difference to our society and be more vocal about the things we care about.

At Osmani, we’ve been working hard on becoming global citizens and thinking about ways we can maintain sustainable lifestyles. WE taught us to ‘make noise, make change’. We thought about topics such as air pollution, water wastage and litter.

Students in Year 4 and 5 took part in workshops where they thought about realistic actions they could take such as protesting, creating awareness and writing to local MPs about their concerns. As children of the future, we hope that we can help support the global goals for sustainable development by making noise and getting people to listen to the things that really matter.

Are you ready to face your fears?

Before the Easter holidays, the children at Osmani School were set the challenge to face their fears and to try new things in order to develop their Growth Mindset. Last week, Nick Carter, who had set the challenge, came into our school and told us all about his caving expedition and the small steps he took with his team to help him succeed in his adventure.

He has extended the challenge set to the children (and adults) of Osmani School and wants to hear about all the new and daring things we have tried in order to face our fears. Those who take on the challenge and share their experience with their class, will receive an exclusive ‘Deep Fear’ t-shirt which they will be able to wear proudly to show off to their friends and family. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to face your fears. Good luck.