Book Character Day

On the last day of spring term, our school turned into a magical world of characters from hundreds of different books. All the adults and children created fantastic costumes and dressed up according to their year group theme. The parents joined us for our annual Book Character Day assembly, which was yet again a fun celebration of reading and imagination. The adults paraded around the hall, showing off their costumes and dancing skills. The pupils beat the teachers in the quiz (Well done, children! Boo, teachers!) and the best children costumes from every class won great books – handed out by our head teacher, Remi. What a phenomenal way to start off a well-deserved Easter break.

Deep Fear Challenge

Are you brave? Are you not afraid of trying something new? Are you ready to face your fears? If yes, then this challenge is just for you! At Osmani, we are excited to be taking part in Nick Carter’s ‘Deep Fear’ challenge.

This adventure is a chance for children to become braver, learn about fear, and understand their Growth Mindset – but more importantly, to face their own fears first-hand. On the website page below, you can find out all about the adventure, the core values that Nick and his team are teaching, and how they plan on taking on a big challenge – going to the bottom of a deep, dark and scary cave – learning to systematically overcome their fears along the way.

As the team learns about overcoming fear and having a growth mindset, so can you at home. Please watch the videos on the main page, as the team challenges you to take on your own (age appropriate) bravery missions, and report back to school on what they’ve learned – with prizes for the best.

Please encourage and support your child/ren to take on these challenges and to document your experiences along the way. Nick will be joining us after the holidays to let us know all about his caving experience and to find out all about your bravery missions. Good luck!​

Roman Wall

On Monday 25th March, the Year 4s went on a trip to Tower Hill where we observed and sketched a section of the Roman Wall of London. We learnt that this wall was originally built in 200AD as a form of protection from invading tribes and armies. It stretches 3.2km around London from Tower Hill in the East to Blackfriars in the West. 85 000 tonnes of stone, from nearby Kent, were used to make this impressive 10 metre wall. Furthermore, it’s Roman history is visible by spotting the red tiles strategically placed amongst many other types of rock used. Originally, the wall was only 6m high, with a deep, damp ditch on the outside of the wall to trap any sneaky enemies who might be approaching. However, over the years, the wall has been maintained, improved and now, preserved for many to enjoy and the ditch has been filled in.
We all really enjoyed this trip as it was a new experience for us to appreciate the stories behind Roman life as well as a chance to work on our sketching skills.

Ted Dewan visits Osmani

On Monday, 13th March 2019, author and illustrator Ted Dewan visited Osmani and delivered fun sessions to children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2. Ted is best known as the creator of the award-winning book series, Bing, now adapted into an animated television series. All the children and the adults loved listening to Ted read his stories and talk about writing and illustrating his books. Thank you for a great day!

Michael Rosen on World Book Day

On World Book Day, Osmani pupils spent a lovely afternoon reading books and doing fun reading activities. Twenty-five lucky children, who contributed to our Creative Writing Competition, went to see author Michael Rosen at Genesis Cinema. He was telling us funny stories from his childhood and his humour made everyone laugh throughout the whole session. What a great way to celebrate reading! 

Yr 5 and 6 go to University!

Last week Yr 5 and 6 children were lucky enough to have an Explore Science day at The University of Westminster. They took part in a variety of activities that included walking around the campus and lecture theaters, finding out more information about all the different fields that comes under the umbrella of ‘Science’ and finally taking part in experiments. The children really enjoyed using their scientific knowledge to help them complete the tasks and finding out about different jobs that they could potentially do when they are older.

Creative Writing Competition Workshop

Our Creative Writing Competition is in full swing and many children have already submitted their stories and poems linked to the 2019 theme The Clothes I Am. Year 5 were incredibly lucky to have an inspiring workshop with poet Adisa who shared a wealth of knowledge about writing poetry and encouraged the pupils to contribute with their original ideas. We can’t wait for the influx of amazing poems from Year 5 children in the next few days! The competition deadline is 29th of March 2019.

‘It was funny and he taught us that you should take negative comments and turn them into a positive ones. He also taught us how we can express ourselves through poetry about the clothes we wear.’ (Yaqub)

‘It was a great workshop and I learnt that not all poems have to rhyme but they have to express your feelings and what makes you who you are.’ (Mariam)

‘ It was a fantastic workshop and I learned that through clothing you are your own person and no one can tell you what to wear. I also learnt how to write a poem that allows me to express myself.’ (Mohamed)

Exploring the Aztecs

On Monday 21st January, the children in Year 4 visited the British Museum to learn more about the Mayan and Aztec civilization. The Aztecs and Mayans played an important role in the history of chocolate, which is our topic for this half term.

The Mayans are believed to be the first to discover cocoa in 900 AD. They learned that the beans inside the cocoa pods could be harvested and made into a bitter chocolatey liquid that would become a treasured Mayan treat.

In fact, the word ‘chocolate’ is said to have come from the Mayan word ‘xocolatl’, which means bitter water.

At the museum, we explored the world of the Aztecs, looking at artefacts linked to their daily life, religion, trade and warfare.


Sutton Who?

This week Year 5 visited the British Museum to find out some more information about the Anglo Saxons and in particular about a burial site called Sutton Hoo. We recently learnt that the Anglo Saxons liked to  bury their dead with their belongings because they believed that the dead would be able to use these belongings in their next life. Shortly before the start of World War Two, archaeologists discovered a massive Anglo Saxon burial site in Sutton Hoo in Suffolk. They discovered the remains of an old Anglo Saxon King along with all his possessions and even one of his old ships. People were astonished to discover how well preserved some of the kings belongings remained even after all this time. The discovery lead to a new wealth of knowledge being unearthed about the Anglo Saxon times. Many of the items that were excavated at Sutton Hoo are now displayed in the British Museum and Year 5 were fortunate enough to see some of these belongings first hand. Have a look at some of the things we discovered…