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Proventil is used for treating breathing problems in patients who have asthma or certain other airway diseases.

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Generic Of Proventil
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Chris Riddell on World Book Day 2018

21 winners of our Chris Riddell book review competition were very lucky to attend a multi-school event with former Children’s Laureate and multi-award-winning author/illustrator Chris Riddell at the Genesis Cinema on Thursday, 1st March.

Chris gave a wonderful performance, doing what he loves doing best, sitting and drawing and talking about his drawings. He even answered children’s questions with drawings which children were very excited to be able to take away with them afterwards.

Two children had the chance to meet Chris Riddell after the event and we now have a signed copy of Goth Girl and the Fete Worse Than Death in the library and an original drawing by the artist!

Happy World Book Day!

Year 5 at the British Museum!

In topic this half term we were learning about the Anglo-Saxons and in particular the burial site -Sutton Hoo. Sutton Hoo was an area of great interest for archaeologists because it gave them an idea of what the Anglo-Saxon times were like. When archaeologists discovered the burial site they came to the realisation that Anglo-Saxons were buried with their belongings. Shields, swords, jewelry and coins were some of the artefacts that were uncovered at the site. We went to the British Museum to see some of these artefacts and learn more about what life was really like in Anglo-Saxon times. Have a look at some of the things that we saw…

‘Stepney City Farm’

Year 1 went on a class trip to ‘Stepney City Farm’ on Thursday 11th January 2018. We took part in a walk to find different food items on the farm. We even ate some of the produce that is grown on the farm and learnt about the different animals and what products they help make e.g Sheep skin rugs.

Baking Bread


On Friday 8th December, the Year 3 classes found out where flour originates from and how it was milled during prehistoric times compared to today. We then followed recipes to bake two different types of bread. The children were in complete control and were rewarded with delicious, crusty bread.

Osmani Choir at Bank of America

Osmani Choir were privileged to be invited  to perform at Age UK and Bank of America’s annual Christmas Lunch. This has been the 4th consecutive year that Osmani Choir have performed at this event.

‘The choir sang absolutely beautifully’ were just one of the many positive reviews of their singing by those who attended.

This year we added some new songs to our growing repertoire, Somewhere only we know being a new favourite of ours!

As usual the choir were given the VIP treatment with a special lunch, Christmas crackers as well as other goodies. This is just one of the many reasons why this event is so popular with Osmani Choir members.

A good time was had by all and we look forward to coming back next year.

Bike It Plus comes to Osmani Primary School

The children at Osmani School have been taking part in a Bike It project where a special assembly took place to understand the benefits of walking, cycling and scooting to school.

At Osmani, we encourage walking, cycling and scooting as an excellent way for children to travel to school, as it is good for their health, does not create air pollution, and it helps to develop independence and road safety skills.

A Bike It crew has been recruited in Year 5 to help support and encourage children and parents to walk to school. ​

Congratulations to the following children on becoming Bike It Ambassadors:

Noor , Zara , Abasha , Zaina & Najizaraya.

We look forward to seeing everybody in their bright clothes on Tuesday 12th December for our ‘Walk to School’ day.

Creative Art Workshop

On Wednesday 6th December parents were invited to school to observe and participate in creative arts lessons.

They were able to witness children taking part in activities that developed a range of skills using all kinds of media.

The younger children in the school were preparing for the festive season by making decorations whereas the older children were drawing, designing, painting and printing. The feedback from parents was extremely positive. They found it to be an informative and enjoyable opportunity to work alongside their children in the context of the classroom.

Here are a few comments from parents;

‘The art session was very interesting and fun for the children.  The children seemed very engaged and happy.  The only thing I would suggest is perhaps more time to explore.  It was very nice to engage with everyone.’

‘I really enjoyed going around the classrooms and seeing what arts and crafts they were all doing.  I was very impressed with how teachers explained to the children what they were doing and I was really happy to join in.  I will definitely come again next time.’

‘Great way of interacting with our children.  Brilliant to see them at class and how creative they can be.’

‘Really enjoyed going into all the classes where the kids were working.  Kids loved it.  It was lovely insight to what the kids are learning.’

‘I really enjoyed the session today, working with my child and seeing him work really nice.  I would love to come again.’

‘What a lovely afternoon!  I had a amazing time watching and participating with my children in Year 1 & Year 5.  Thank you for facilitating this and I look forward to more afternoons like this.’

‘To see that my daughter in Nursery is happy, made me very happy.  Thank you for this good event.’