Let’s Get Reading

As part of our school initiative to get everyone reading more books for fun, we took a short walk to our local ideas store. Many of us have visited it before but this time it was a little more special because the kind members of staff gave us a tour of the whole building.

We went all the way to the very top floor and looked out of the giant glass windows. We saw the train station and the market – what can you see?

After our tour we went into the children’s library and looked around for our favourite books. Some of us wanted to find fairy tales, others wanted to read books about giant’s and dinosaurs and some of us found books about things we can make and do.

Did you know the Ideas Store has a story telling session every day? Well they do, and we got to have a special one just for us!

The children really enjoyed exploring the Ideas Store and learnt a lot about all the fantastic things you can do in a library!