Visit to Tower of London

Quick Question: What do most Fairy tales have in common (aside from a happy ending)?

Give up?

It’s castles of course!

This term Reception have read lots of traditional tales, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpeltstiltskin just to name a few. To make all this amazing learning more real to the children we went on a visit to our local castle, The Tower of London. Before going each of the children wrote about what they would like to see when they got there. Some were looking forward to seeing the knights armour, the Queen’s crown or her throne. Of course we were not disappointed; we got to see all those things (or at least pictures of them) and so much more, like the dragon made of different metal items.


After visiting the castle we sat by the River Thames and drew pictures of things that we had seen on our visit.


It’s fair to say both adults and children really enjoyed having a small glimpse of how royalty used to live and all the beautiful