World of Work Week – Fire Brigade Visit

This week is Osmani’s World at Work Week. The whole school are learning all about the different types of jobs people do. Today, Reception were fortunate enough to be visited by firefighters from Whitechapel Fire Station.

Firefighter John and several of his team brought their fire engine into school to show us the equipment they use as part of their day to day job. Some of us got to put on their “Ghostbusters” backpacks and we also got to hold the heavy, yellow enforcer which they use to break down doors in emergencies.

The firefighters taught us how to call the fire brigade in an emergency (dial 999) and what to do if we notice a fire at home – GET OUT,  STAY OUT! Did you know, the fire brigade will arrive at an emergency six minutes after receiving the phone call? Even if they are busy having their lunch or dinner, they have to just leave it and go. They are so dedicated!

Finally, we were lucky enough to have a go at spraying the fire hoses in our playground!

Both the children and adults had a great afternoon and would like to thank the firefighters from Whitechapel Fire Station for giving up their time to tell us all about their jobs.

Don’t forget to have a look at some of the photos we took.