Nian the Monster visits Reception!


There has been high drama in Reception this week, as the legendary Chinese monster Nian visited our classes and helped himself to our things!

On Wednesday evening, while children and staff were at home, Nian was captured on CCTV entering Fuchsia and Crimson class and helping himself to our toys and resources. Worse still, the terrible beast sent us letters explaining that, if we wanted our things back, we would have to pay!

Luckily, the children have been learning all about money this week, so we are now well equipped to figure out what coins we can use to buy back our property, as well as figure out how to make different amounts using the coins we know.  We also wrote descriptions of Nian on Wanted posters to warn the rest of the school that the mischievous creature is at large.



Have a look at some pictures from the CCTV footage from our classes to see what happened for yourselves!



UPDATE: Reception were so good at talking about money that we were able to safely return all of our property to our classes.

Here is a link to the story of Nian, a traditional Chinese folk tale about a monster that visits every lunar New Year.