Shapes in our Environment

Reception have been learning about 2D shapes.

In our classes, we reminded ourselves of what 2D shapes were and which 2D shapes we knew. Then, we started to look at their properties. We talked about how many sides and corners each 2D shape has. We noticed a pattern – most regular 2D shapes have the same number of corners and sides, except for circles. Do you know how many sides and corners a circle has?

After that, we went on a shape hunt around our school, identifying the different shapes we could see and commenting on their properties. We then drew the shapes we could see on the ground with chalk.

We had so much fun in our learning, have a look at our pictures to see more. 

Autumn Walk In Reception

We have been learning lots about Autumn in Reception.

In our literacy lessons, we have been reading information books to find out facts about Autumn. Then, we had a go at using our knowledge to create our very own Autumn information book!

We have also been developing our understanding of the world by going out into the local area to spot signs of Autumn. We saw leaves that had changed colour and fallen off trees and we noticed that the weather had been cloudy and rainy.

Finally, we brought back some objects from our walks so we could create Autumn artwork.

Have a look at our fantastic learning!

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Nian the Monster visits Reception!


There has been high drama in Reception this week, as the legendary Chinese monster Nian visited our classes and helped himself to our things!

On Wednesday evening, while children and staff were at home, Nian was captured on CCTV entering Fuchsia and Crimson class and helping himself to our toys and resources. Worse still, the terrible beast sent us letters explaining that, if we wanted our things back, we would have to pay!

Luckily, the children have been learning all about money this week, so we are now well equipped to figure out what coins we can use to buy back our property, as well as figure out how to make different amounts using the coins we know.  We also wrote descriptions of Nian on Wanted posters to warn the rest of the school that the mischievous creature is at large.



Have a look at some pictures from the CCTV footage from our classes to see what happened for yourselves!



UPDATE: Reception were so good at talking about money that we were able to safely return all of our property to our classes.

Here is a link to the story of Nian, a traditional Chinese folk tale about a monster that visits every lunar New Year.


Christmas in Reception!

Reception have been getting into the festive spirit lately and having so much fun!

We have learned about the Nativity story, as we will be performing it at the Winter Festival on the last day of term. The children and adults in Reception are very excited to share it with the rest of the school and our parents, families and carers.

Everybody had a delicious Christmas Lunch together, where we pulled crackers, wore special hats and sang along to Christmas songs.

We also enjoyed decorating Christmas Tree biscuits and Gingerbread kids to sell at Osmani’s annual Winter Fair.

While we celebrated at our Christmas class parties, we were visited by Santa and his Elf! And because we have all been good girls and boys – respecting the Osmani Golden Rights all year – we received gifts!

Have a look at some pictures of what we have been up to over the festive season!


The Little Red Hen in Reception


Over the past week, our Reception classes have been reading The Little Red Hen.

In the story, the hen plants some wheat and harvests it to make delicious bread to eat. However, her friends on the farm are less than helpful and rather than respect their right to join in and be part of a team, they leave her to make it all by herself!

Luckily, the children in Reception are experts at respecting Osmani’s Golden Rights and inspired by the story, they worked together as a team to bake their own bread to share with each other.

To begin with, the children used their ever-expanding phonics knowledge to help them to write a shopping list of ingredients. Then, they watched a video to learn exactly how bread is made from scratch. After that, the children wrote a list of instructions on how to make bread, before finally coming together to follow their recipe, letting the adults put their batches of dough in the oven. After all, we have to respect our rights to be safe at school!

The children got to eat their tasty creations with some jam or chocolate spread. They enjoyed their learning throughout the week and our budding bakers are now looking forward to further cooking adventures in the future. Watch this space…

Have a look at our brilliant baking!