Royal Wedding Tea Party.


On Friday 18th May, our Early Years classes were gripped by Royal Wedding fever!

Ahead of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big day, Nursery and Reception gathered in the playground to celebrate the occasion with a good, old-fashioned British tea party.

The children decorated their own crowns to wear as they sipped on their juice and ate their cupcakes and cucumber sandwiches in the glorious, spring sunshine.

We even had our own prince and princess to help us get into the spirit and celebrate the Royal Couple’s big day.

Be sure to have a look at some of the photos taken on the day!


World of Work Week – Fire Brigade Visit

This week is Osmani’s World at Work Week. The whole school are learning all about the different types of jobs people do. Today, Reception were fortunate enough to be visited by firefighters from Whitechapel Fire Station.

Firefighter John and several of his team brought their fire engine into school to show us the equipment they use as part of their day to day job. Some of us got to put on their “Ghostbusters” backpacks and we also got to hold the heavy, yellow enforcer which they use to break down doors in emergencies.

The firefighters taught us how to call the fire brigade in an emergency (dial 999) and what to do if we notice a fire at home – GET OUT,  STAY OUT! Did you know, the fire brigade will arrive at an emergency six minutes after receiving the phone call? Even if they are busy having their lunch or dinner, they have to just leave it and go. They are so dedicated!

Finally, we were lucky enough to have a go at spraying the fire hoses in our playground!

Both the children and adults had a great afternoon and would like to thank the firefighters from Whitechapel Fire Station for giving up their time to tell us all about their jobs.

Don’t forget to have a look at some of the photos we took.



Visit to Tower of London

Quick Question: What do most Fairy tales have in common (aside from a happy ending)?

Give up?

It’s castles of course!

This term Reception have read lots of traditional tales, Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Rumpeltstiltskin just to name a few. To make all this amazing learning more real to the children we went on a visit to our local castle, The Tower of London. Before going each of the children wrote about what they would like to see when they got there. Some were looking forward to seeing the knights armour, the Queen’s crown or her throne. Of course we were not disappointed; we got to see all those things (or at least pictures of them) and so much more, like the dragon made of different metal items.


After visiting the castle we sat by the River Thames and drew pictures of things that we had seen on our visit.


It’s fair to say both adults and children really enjoyed having a small glimpse of how royalty used to live and all the beautiful


Story Telling with Pat Ryan

Reception children had a fantastic story telling session with Patrick Ryan, a professional storyteller with over 30 years of experience. He collects each story from around the world and spreads it via words and actions!! It was an opportunity for children to develop their listening skills and follow a narrative without visual prompts, instead with actions, words and sounds. He told us the story of’ ‘The Elephant and the Naughty Baby’.

Children were very engaged, listening to the story and found it amusing as it was about a baby who ate lots of food and didn’t pay for it!








What are your favourite stories to tell?


Chinese Dragon Dance Workshop

This half term Reception children have been learning about China and all about ‘Chinese New Year’. As part of the celebration the children were lucky enough to participate in a Chinese dragon dance workshop.  They were very excited to use some of the props such as  fans, umbrellas, ribbons and even a dragon to bring their dance to life!


We would like to say a big thank you to Darren from ‘Dance Days’ for giving us a wonderful experience!!


Visit to Spitalfields Farm

Children in Reception had an exciting visit to  Spitalfieds Farm, they watched the retelling of one of their favourite stories ‘ The Three Billy Goats Gruff’ with real Goats! After we listened to the story we were able to stroke and feed the goats. Some of the children said how soft their fur felt and how wet their tongue was, and Ya-Qi noticed that one of the goats had sharp horns. We are very proud of the children because although some of them were scared, they used their growth mindset and participated in this lovely experience.

The Reception Team would like to say thank you to the staff and volunteers at Spitalfields farm for putting on a lovely show for us and our fantastic parents for coming along with us!

Stay tuned to see where Reception go next on their learning journey!

Toys Galore

In Reception we are getting very excited because it’s nearly Christmas! We have been talking about toys and reading lots of books about children and their toys. We especially liked learning about and investigating toys that move.

To help us find out even more about toys we visited The Museum of Childhood. We had a chance to play with toys that moved in lots of different ways. There were toys that we had to push, some we had to pull and some that we had to wind up. We even learnt a new science word – gravity!

After playing with the toys we explored the museum. We saw some old toys and some new ones. We talked about the toys that we had at home and looked to see if we could find them in the museum.

We had a really fun day of playing and learning.

Fun in the sun!

This half term the children in Reception (and some of their parents) had the opportunity to visit West Ruislip Lido. We took a coach all the way across the city and although the journey seemed very long it gave us a chance to see and talk about some of London’s landmarks. We drove past the Bank of England and the Gherkin building, which we all agreed was a very interesting shape.

When we arrived at the Lido we took a train ride through the woodlands and tried to see if we could find the Gruffalo or even Little Red Riding Hood, but sadly we didn’t see anyone.

We had a picnic on the sandy beach and then had lots of fun exploring,  playing games and wading in the water. Some of us got very wet! We were all having so much fun that we wished we didn’t have to leave. But of course we had to come back to school and we were all very excited to tell our parents what we had done on our day at the Lido.

The Very Hungry Caterpillars came to Reception!


In Reception, we have been looking after 6 hungry little caterpillars!



We fed them, looked after them and carefully observed as they went into their cocoons for more than 2 weeks!



When they came out of the cocoons as beautiful butterflies, we gave them pieces of orange to eat.

We have had a great time drawing them and talking about them as they have changed.

Finally, we set them free!


IMG_2159 blog IMG_2160 IMG_2161

Our Day out at the Tower of London

Tower of London

Reception have been learning about fairy tales and went to visit a real castle.

Tower of London

We walked around the castle, talking about the different things we could see and even had a chance to walk through the King’s room.

Tower of London

“His looking after the jewels and sparkly crowns.”- Ayana