This is Our Rights Song

In our Year 6 music classes, we cover many different ways of writing, listening and playing music, including songwriting! We decided to write a song based on the rights we have as children and adults in our community.

First, we looked at our Rights Respecting rules that we have in Osmani, we chose the rights that we felt were most important to us and made these into poem or ‘lyrics’ as we call them in songwriting.

We then created our backing track using both electronic and live instruments. We learned Pachelbel’s Canon in D on a range of instruments including piano, recorder and xylophone. Then, we produced the track by recording it and mixing in Logic Pro before finally adding our voices on top to complete the track. We are super proud of the track we made and hope it will highlight how important our rights really are.

You can also view our Rights Respecting song and other schools songs directly on the Unicef website.  Click here to be redirected to their page.