Children In Need

On Friday 16th November, Osmani Primary School celebrated Children in Need by wearing pyjamas. Children in Need is a great charity to get involved in, as it helps children across the country who do not have access to their rights. We wore cosy pyjamas to school and raised lots of money.

Thank you everyone for your generous donations. Our school managed to raise £231.72!

Year 4, 5 and 6 Ambassadors

Harvest Assembly

Lower Key Stage Two presented an assembly about Harvest Festival. Year 4 explained how Harvest is celebrated in Christianity and Year 3 sang a beautiful Harvest song. It was also World Food Day so all the food that was donated reminded us how fortunate we are to have access to healthy and filling meals.

Whitechapel Mission

Thank you for all your Harvest donations. The Rights Respecting Ambassadors visited the Whitechapel Mission- a nearby homeless shelter where all your donations were greatly received and appreciated. As ambassadors who support children’s rights, we were amazed by how many adults and young people are left homeless with no shelter, food and clean water. It was a truly humbling experience and made us realise how lucky and grateful we should be to have easy access to many of our rights. As a community, it is really important that we continue to support the Global Goals (No Poverty) so we kindly thank you again for your support and contributions.

Well done to us all.​

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Houses of Parliament

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors had a thrilling (if a little bit wet) trip to the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 1st November. We were welcomed and taken through security before going on a grand tour of the historical building. Firstly, we went to the viewing gallery where we watched a debate on ‘Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’. When the MPs finished their speech, other MPs stood up and when the speaker shouted their name, they would speak. After watching the debate, we had a tour throughout the Houses of Parliament. On our tour, we saw: where the old House of Common was and also visited Westminster Hall. We then took part in a workshop called: ‘Pupil’s Parliament’. The workshop reminded us that we can make changes to laws we are not happy with. Women fought for 100 years to have the right to vote. Their voices and actions made a huge change to democracy and how we vote today.


Rights Respecting Ambassador


Indonesia Crisis Appeal

Parents and Carers, please help. A powerful tsunami with waves up to six metres high has devastated Indonesia. Millions of people’s lives are at risk, hundreds of thousands of them are children who have lost everything and suffered an incredibly traumatic event. Please click the link below and donate what you can to Save the Children UK So they can provide the support that is so desperately needed.

Jeans for Genes

At school, both staff and children wore their cool denim clothes as part of Jeans for Genes day. Jeans for Genes Day is a national fundraising event that encourages everyone to wear their jeans to school or work for one day each year. The money raised provides essential support to the half a million children in the UK living with the challenges of a life-altering genetic disorder. Thank you for all your donations- Your Jeans for Genes Day fundraising effort will make a big difference to children affected by genetic disorders.

Election Day

The children at Osmani School exercised their right to voice their opinion and express their view when they voted for their chosen candidates to represent their class as Rights Respecting Ambassadors. We held an Election Day where the children in Year 2 to Year 6 voted in democratic fashion placing their private votes into a ballot box.

Our brand new ambassadors will work to ensure every member of our school community is aware of the UNCRC articles and of children’s rights. They will attend weekly meetings where they will discuss any issues that have arisen from discussions within their class and make decisions affecting our school.

At Osmani School, we respect the views and contributions made by our ambassadors and aim to use these to make improvements to our school whenever possible. Our wonderful pupils are excellent at identifying issues that are important to them and tackling them.

At the meetings, they discuss issues which concern the children in school, such as:

  • How the learning and curriculum at our school can be improved.
  • How we, as a school, can contribute to the wider community.
  • How we can resolve conflicts with our peers using our TAG system.
  • How we can influence events and the development of the school.
  • How to raise awareness of RRSA and the Global Goals in school.

Our New Rights Respecting Ambassadors (2018-19)

Y2L – Ayaan and Janan

Y2V – Yunus and Aleena

Y3O – Zeeshan and Alisha

Y3G – Sumeet and Janifa

Y4A – Akil and Khadija

Y4S – Zahir and Fahmida

Y5E – Keyaan and Zaynah

Y5J – Tahmid and Khadija

Y6A – Jarif and Priyanka

Y6T – Mouaad and Zara

To view the Level 1 July 2017 report click here.

Presentation at Headteachers Consultative Meeting

On Wednesday 14th March 2018, Four Rights Respecting Ambassadors presented as a Tower Hamlets Primary Headteachers Consultative meeting. The Pupil Parliament presentation was presented eloquently and confidently by the ambassadors at the Tower Hamlets PDC.

The Headteachers were extremely impressed and the feedback about the presentation was overwhelmingly positive.


Ambassador ‘Shoe Share’ Assembly

As part of the one of the E1 Pupil Parliament actions, the Rights Respecting Ambassadors presented an assembly to the school about a Shoe Share project that the children, staff and parents will be taking part in next week.

Shoe Share is a UNICEF and Clarks project which asks for donations of old and unwanted pairs of shoes. The money raised from the shoes will help the charity support children’s right to an education in poorer countries around the world.

On Monday 19th March- Friday 23rd March, we ask you all to donate your unwanted shoes so that we can support and help make a change to children’s lives.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors visit the Houses of Parliament!

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors went on an exciting trip to the Houses of Parliament. They were welcomed and taken through security before going on a grand tour of the historical building. The ambassadors stood in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords before taking part in a workshop called: ‘Pupil’s Parliament’. The workshop reminded us that we can make changes to laws we are not happy with. Women fought for over 70 years to have the right to vote. Their voices and actions made a huge change to democracy.

The ambassadors had an amazing time and all felt inspired to become the next budding MP, Lord, Baroness or even Prime Minister!