Stepney City Farm Trip

Year 1 visited Stepney City Farm as part of our topic about ‘Animal Tales.’ We had a tour around the farm by one of the farm workers. She told us lots of information about the animals there. We learnt about what they eat and what they need to stay healthy. We touched some of the animals and talked about how they felt. We also looked at the plants growing on the farm and even got to try some of the leaves growing in the greenhouse.

Since our trip we have drawn a map of the farm, made information pages about the animals we saw and written a recount of our trip.

ArrivingThe greenhouseTrying plantsLooking at sheep Stroking a chickenThe donkey

Animal masks

As part of our Year One topic about Animal Tales we made animal masks. First we looked at different animal masks. We talked about how they were made and important features a mask should have. We then drew our mask design. We decided which materials and mark making media we wanted to use. Then we made our masks.