Philosophy for Children

Year 1 explored philosophy for children.

We watched a video about ‘Friendship.’ We worked in small groups to think of ideas around friendship that we could discuss as a class. Everyone had a vote and the winning idea was ‘how to play with friends.’ We listened to each other’s ideas and used words like ‘I agree’ and ‘I disagree.’ We all agreed on some important ideas.

These were

  • Ask people of they would like to play with you
  • Teach new friends the Golden Rules and to use T.A.G.
  • Help people if they do not know the rules to a game
  • If you are kind to people, they will want to play with you
  • Deciding what to discuss 1 Deciding what to discuss 2 Deciding what to discuss 3 Deciding what to discuss 4 DiscussionsIdeas to discuss Agreements