Year One at the National Portrait Gallery

As part of our humanities learning, Year 1 visited the National Portrait Gallery. We set off to St James Park to enjoy our picnic. We saw many sights and sounds in the royal park and enjoyed the views of the squirrels, swans and geese.

We took a scenic route to the gallery past Buckingham Palace, the London Eye and the Horses Guard to Trafalgar Square where we arrived at the gallery.

We were greeted by our teacher who showed us pictures of Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole. We learnt about how they worked in different ways to help soldiers injured during the Crimean War. We also had the chance to draw our own sketches of these two famous heroes.

Embankment and The South Bank

On Monday  13th March, the year 1 classes went on a trip to Embankment and the South Bank. We had been learning how to sketch buildings by looking at the shapes and patterns of the building. Before we went, we practised by drawing our school building. When we looked closely, there was much more detail than we realised!

We walked across Jubilee Bridge from Embankment Station to the South Bank. We talked about the natural and human geographical features we could see on the way. The river is natural and the bridge is human made.

We looked closely at the buildings across the river and used our sketching skills to draw what we could see. Some of the buildings and structures we could see were The Houses of Parliament and The London Eye.



Famous Landmarks


What do you think of our finished sketches?



Local Area Walk

On Friday 3rd February the year 1 classes went on a local area walk. We walked from school, through Vallance Gardens, past Whitechapel Station and across Whitechapel High Street to look at the market. Then we walked to The Royal London Hospital and carried on to the Idea Store. At each place, we made sketches in our art books of the different buildings we could see. Next we will turn our sketches into a local area map in a Geography lesson.

We have also begun writing a recount of our trip in Literacy.

Vallance GardensSketching the parkWhitechapel StationWhitechapel MarketThe Royal London HospitalSketching the hospital The Idea Store

Sleeping Beauty at the Hackney Empire

Year 1 Indigo and Sapphire classes went to the pantomime at Hackney Empire to watch Sleeping Beauty. We watched the colourful characters and the magic and sparkle as part of the performance. We all joined in with the singing and dancing and really enjoyed ourselves. As part of our Literacy lessons we will be writing recounts about our trip.



National Portrait Gallery

Year 1 visited the National Portrait Gallery. We had been learning about Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole in our topic lessons. We learnt that they were nurses that helped people who had been injured or were ill. In the National Portrait Gallery we saw a picture of Florence Nightingale working in a hospital. We also saw a portrait of Mary Seacole. Then we had a go at drawing portraits of Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole ourselves.


Philosophy for Children

Year 1 explored philosophy for children.

We watched a video about ‘Friendship.’ We worked in small groups to think of ideas around friendship that we could discuss as a class. Everyone had a vote and the winning idea was ‘how to play with friends.’ We listened to each other’s ideas and used words like ‘I agree’ and ‘I disagree.’ We all agreed on some important ideas.

These were

  • Ask people of they would like to play with you
  • Teach new friends the Golden Rules and to use T.A.G.
  • Help people if they do not know the rules to a game
  • If you are kind to people, they will want to play with you
  • Deciding what to discuss 1 Deciding what to discuss 2 Deciding what to discuss 3 Deciding what to discuss 4 DiscussionsIdeas to discuss Agreements

Stepney City Farm Trip

Year 1 visited Stepney City Farm as part of our topic about ‘Animal Tales.’ We had a tour around the farm by one of the farm workers. She told us lots of information about the animals there. We learnt about what they eat and what they need to stay healthy. We touched some of the animals and talked about how they felt. We also looked at the plants growing on the farm and even got to try some of the leaves growing in the greenhouse.

Since our trip we have drawn a map of the farm, made information pages about the animals we saw and written a recount of our trip.

ArrivingThe greenhouseTrying plantsLooking at sheep Stroking a chickenThe donkey

Making Lighthouses

In year 1, we have been reading ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.’ We designed our own lighthouses and used recycled materials to build them. We looked at pictures of different lighthouses from around the world to decide how to decorate our lighthouses. Finally, we painted them using a range of designs.

Key Stage 1 Eid Assembly and Celebrations

Year 1 took part in presenting an assembly about the festival of Eid. We shared pictures we had drawn showing what we do to celebrate Eid and some of us talked about our own experiences. After Eid, we had a party to celebrate in school. We wore our special clothes, ate party food and danced to music.