In Year One we have been reading and performing noise poems. We read the poem “Let’s Practice” and discussed the different sounds. We selected musical instruments to use to make the different sounds. Then we performed the poem.

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Animal masks

As part of our Year One topic about Animal Tales we made animal masks. First we looked at different animal masks. We talked about how they were made and important features a mask should have. We then drew our mask design. We decided which materials and mark making media we wanted to use. Then we made our masks.

Mary Seacole

We learnt about Mary Seacole and the important work she carried out. We found out that she made her own herbal medicines. We searched for natural ingredients to make our own medicines. We were visited by an actress in the role of Mary Seacole. We had the opportunity to take on different roles to act out some of the significant events in Mary’s life and it helped us to find out more information about Mary Seacole’s life and work .

Y1 Trip to the National Portrait Gallery

Year 1 children visited the National Portrait Gallery. We looked at portraits of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole and learnt important facts about their lives and work. Seeing the portraits helped us to generate questions that we will follow up in class.