Year 2 – A visit to the Science Museum

Year 2 went to the Science Museum to find out more about music and sounds.  During the course of the visit, we explored an interactive exhibition called ‘The Secret Life of Homes’ that displayed a variety of historical objects used in and around the home.  This included items from the past such as music players, washing machines, blenders, irons, vacuum cleaners and even toilets!  We also used telephones to listen to historical advertisements and learn more information about the past.  Year 2 will use this experience to support their learning for the topic of Music Maker, which will include writing and explaining how music players have changed over time.

Later, we were able to revise their learning about astronauts and space by exploring the Space gallery.  In this gallery they recapped their learning about astronauts such as Tim Peake, they gained information through various media (written, artefacts, pictures, graphs and interactive video clips) to find out more about lunar shuttles, engines and space missions.