Y2V Bow Arts Project!

Violet Class were artists for the day with the Bow Arts Project.  Resident artist Jasmin helped the children to create pieces of art inspired by their current topic – Fire and Ice.  After exploring images of natural settings, such as coral reefs, children were inspired and eager to use similar colours to create layered pieces of art to add texture and dimension to their creations.  Excitedly, the children used a variety of media, including ice cubes, to create their pieces of art and having completed their work, they discussed their choices of colour, texture, style and design with their peers.  Violet Class had a fantastic day working as artists and look forward to their next visit from the Bow Arts team.  

Y2 Exploring Materials at the Soanes Centre!

Year 2 visited the Soanes Centre to find out more about materials. We found out that materials are simply what things are made of and we looked at different natural and man-made materials, such as plastic, wood, rubber, metal and glass. After sorting materials into different groups Year 2 embarked on different investigations that involved making predictions, testing them with a fair test and seeing if they could come to a scientific consensus (agreement).

The materials workshop helped children to gain a broader and deeper understanding of materials, where they come from, how they are sorted and the different ways they are used and changed. Year 2 will be using this knowledge to support their scientific predictions and investigations of materials in class this term.