butterflies 1

A display of our artwork and explanation reports


Year 2 have been working hard throughout this term to produce excellent pieces of writing for our SATS.

As our topic was ‘Animal Magic’ we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We enjoyed observing our hungry caterpillars munching away at their food and growing and expanding in shape. We were fascinated at their change from caterpillars into chrysalises. We then waited patiently whilst they transformed into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

We used all of our knowledge to write in depth explanation reports of our observations.

Year 2 Monument Visit

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As part of our topic on fire and ice, we have been learning about the Great Fire of London.


To launch our learning about the fire we took a trip to The Monument.

The Monument was built to remember the great fire and is located where the fire started nearly 350 years ago!

Year 2 took the brave step of climbing the 311 steps to the top of the monument where we were dazzled by the amazing sights and sounds of London and were rewarded with a certificate for our efforts. We also visited Pudding Lane and saw the plaque which commemorated where Thomas Faryner’s baker shop stood. We were interested to find out that this site is now home to LLoyds Bank.

Year 2’s trip to the Horniman Museum

Year 2 Lilac and Violet had a fabulous day at the Horniman Museum last week.  We really enjoyed taking part in the music workshop for our topic Music Maker.  We had the opportunity to play lots of different musical instruments from around the world such as a talking drum from Ghana, an mbira from Zimbabwe and a doumbek from Turkey.  We also played a strange instrument made out of recycled materials such as old shoes and plastic pipes.  Have a look at our pictures to find out more!