Y2 Victoria Park Trip

On Tuesday, Year 2 visited Victoria Park to explore and sketch flowers and plants.  Last week in class, we planted our own cress seeds in soil and have been observing them as they grow.  The biodiversity of the park environment enabled us to see many different types of  plants and flowers, observe their structure and sketch them to support our writing later in the week.

We explored the park area and discovered flowers such as: daffodils, bluebells, blossom on trees as well as tiny daisies growing on the grass.  The flower garden provided visitors with a wonderful arrangement of colourful flowers that added splashes of colour to green areas.  As we explored the park further we discovered more flower beds in different areas of the park and we discussed what these plants would need to grow.

After eating lunch, we explored the park further for plants and flowers, before returning back to school.  Year 2 will be using their sketches to inspire their writing for their recount of this trip in Big Write on Friday.




Y2 Hackney City Farm

Y2 braved the cold wet weather and set off to Hackney City Farm on Thursday morning.  Once they arrived they explored the farm and enjoyed seeing and finding out more about the farm animals.  This included chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, donkeys, ducks and geese.  Although some children were nervous, they courageously navigated their way around the farm and animals to fully immerse themselves into the farm experience.  Beside the farm was Haggerston Park that allowed the children a better a view of some of the farm animals, such as the sheep and goats.  Upon their return to school, the children recounted their trip and used this knowledge and experience to further inspire them in their topic of ‘Animal Magic’.



Museum of London

Year 2 visited the Museum of London to find out more about the Great Fire of London!  During our visit we experienced the “Fire! Fire!” workshop that enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of life in London during the time of the Great Fire.  We enjoyed using role-play to help us learn more before exploring the Museum displays.   The Museum offered interesting and interactive displays on not only the Great Fire of London but also The Plague that preceded it.  Through the use of role-play, visual and audio aids, Year 2 collected information to add to their final report on this tragic event in London’s history.