Torah Scroll

In R.E. Year 2 Lilac have been learning about sacred texts. We found out that the special book for Jewish people is called the Torah. The Torah is made up of five books. It contains instructions about how Jewish people should live their lives. The Torah that is read in the Synagogue is written on a scroll.

We made our own Torah scroll and wrote on it one of the golden rights that we feel is particularly important.

We wrote it carefully, using our best handwriting.

Y2L Keeping Safe, Bike It Workshop

Year 2 Lilac participated in a fantastic workshop about keeping safe. We learnt about the importance of keeping safe on our bikes at night. We learnt about the importance of wearing bright, reflective clothes. we were shown how to wear our cycle helmets safely and we discovered that we needed to have a light at the front and on the back of our bicycles. we designed our own cycle helmets and t-shirts suitable for going out at night in winter when it’s dark.

Y2 Pod Visit Tate Modern

Year 2 POD enjoyed their visit to Tate Modern to work with an artist and the collection for the entire day. They looked at and talked about artworks and responded by making work of their own.

Move It!

Year 2’s topic this term has been Move It! We have been learning about lots of different transportation in this topic. We have also researched the Great Space Race between USA and Russia and the Wright Brother’s first flight.

As part of our learning we took a trip to the Science Museum where we were able to see real life models of rockets and astronaut equipment and also saw real life planes from the past.

To conclude our visit we took part in a workshop where we learnt about Amy Johnson. Amy Johnson was the first woman to fly solo to Australia, this encouraged us to use our growth mind-set and never give up on challenges, just as Amy Johnson persevered in the face of challenges so can we!