Horniman Museum

Year 2 went on an exciting visit to the Horniman Museum. We participated in a musical workshop during which we learnt lots of interesting facts about instruments from around the world. We also had the opportunity to explore the different instruments and create our own musical compositions.

In addition, we were able to see some of the amazing marine life in the aquarium.

Mile End Climbing Wall

As part of world of work week, Year 2 visited Mile End Climbing Wall. We were given a guided tour and found out about some of the different holds and climbing techniques. We also had a chance to have a go ourselves which was great fun!

Spitalfields Farm

As part of our topic “Animal Magic,” Year 2 visited Spitalfields Farm. We have been learning about different animal habitats and how animals adapt to their environment. We found out lots of interesting and fascinating facts!

Did you know that cows have four stomachs!

A pigs snout is an important tool for finding food in the ground and sensing the world around them.


Torah Scroll

In R.E. Year 2 Lilac have been learning about sacred texts. We found out that the special book for Jewish people is called the Torah. The Torah is made up of five books. It contains instructions about how Jewish people should live their lives. The Torah that is read in the Synagogue is written on a scroll.

We made our own Torah scroll and wrote on it one of the golden rights that we feel is particularly important.

We wrote it carefully, using our best handwriting.

Y2L Keeping Safe, Bike It Workshop

Year 2 Lilac participated in a fantastic workshop about keeping safe. We learnt about the importance of keeping safe on our bikes at night. We learnt about the importance of wearing bright, reflective clothes. we were shown how to wear our cycle helmets safely and we discovered that we needed to have a light at the front and on the back of our bicycles. we designed our own cycle helmets and t-shirts suitable for going out at night in winter when it’s dark.

Y2 Pod Visit Tate Modern

Year 2 POD enjoyed their visit to Tate Modern to work with an artist and the collection for the entire day. They looked at and talked about artworks and responded by making work of their own.

Y2 Trip to the Science Museum

On 16th March 2017 both Year Two classes went on an exciting trip to the Science Museum in West London. We took the District line to South Kensington and walked through a long tunnel to get to the museum. We went there to learn more about Space. We learnt about the first animal and human travellers in space. We also learnt what life is like for astronauts in space, including what sort of food they ate, how they slept and even how they went to the toilet! We used this information to write a recount about our trip to the museum.

Year 2’s Exciting Visit to Mudchute Farm!

Year 2’s visited Mudchute Farm to learn about animals. At the farm we saw farm animals such as: goats, horses, chickens, pigs etc.

We also saw some unusual animals such as alpacas, Indian roosters and various other birds. We learnt lots of interesting amazing facts. Did you know:

  • Goats give birth standing up
  • Goats milk is higher in calcium and vitamin A then cows milk therefore its healthier.

We used the information to write a report about goats.


IMG_4794 IMG_4805 IMG_4819 IMG_4834 IMG_4854 IMG_4892

IMG_4792 IMG_4801 IMG_4806 IMG_4808 IMG_4809 IMG_4814 IMG_4830 IMG_4855 IMG_4857 IMG_4860 IMG_4862 IMG_4871 IMG_4874 IMG_4883 IMG_4886 IMG_4896 IMG_4901

Year 2 had an amazing, fun trip to the Horniman Museum. We participated in a Music workshop, where we had the opportunity to play different instruments from around the world.

Also, we visited the Aquarium where we observed some wonderful Marine life from around the world such as: jelly fish, sea horses, coral, frogs and a variety of colourful fish from the British Isles.

In the Natural History gallery we saw a mummified crocodile, dinosaur footprints and a 100 year old walrus!

Have a look at our photos to find our more….



dsc02000 dsc01995 dsc01986 dsc01987 dsc01991 dsc01963 dsc01979 img_0668 img_0715 img_0703 img_0694


butterflies 1

A display of our artwork and explanation reports


Year 2 have been working hard throughout this term to produce excellent pieces of writing for our SATS.

As our topic was ‘Animal Magic’ we learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We enjoyed observing our hungry caterpillars munching away at their food and growing and expanding in shape. We were fascinated at their change from caterpillars into chrysalises. We then waited patiently whilst they transformed into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies.

We used all of our knowledge to write in depth explanation reports of our observations.