The Y4 Balloon challenge

The week started off with Year 4 having a great idea (or so they thought), which was to put together a hot air balloon out of tissue paper and sticks. The challenge was to set off a hot air balloon in the ball court. This was a lot harder than Y4 initially anticipated.

They had to use many of the values of Osmani -to persevere, use a growth mind set and work collaboratively to achieve their goal.

First the instructions didn’t help- they weren’t clear. 1st rule of writing instructions should be that they are clear to the reader- these weren’t.

After lots of deliberation and persevering, they sought the help and advice of others to achieve their objective.

After many hours of sweat, hard graft and many repairs to the balloon, the day had finally come -the balloon was ready for its flight.

Y4 went to the playground and placed the balloon onto the ground, unfortunately this wasn’t the greatest idea because the ground was wet, and so they encountered a further challenge-which tested their growth mind-set and determination. They did not give up and kept preserving;  they finally achieved their objective – Yippee!

Thank you to all that helped!

Y4 Olympic Park Summer Trip

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 4 went to the Olympic Park in Stratford. They went there to celebrate all their  hard work  and success of Year 4.

The children had the opportunity to experience rock pools, sand pits, tall tree houses, and wobbly bridges, as well as slides, swings and plenty of space to run about.   They also explored climbing frames, over-sized swings and a giant sand pit. They all had a fantastic time.

We ended the day enjoying the fabulous  water fountains.

Have a look at our wonderful day.


Reed School


On Tuesday 27th June, some  children from Year 4 were selected to be involved in a sports trip at Reed’s School in  Cobham. The trip involved the children taking part in coaching sessions and getting to play a specific sport – golf, football or cricket with other schools from different areas. The children really enjoyed the wonderful day. Take  a look at their fantastic day!


London Buddhist Centre

On Tuesday 6th June, Y4 went to the London Buddhist Centre.

They went there because they were learning about the following of Buddha. The children had the opportunity to try simple meditation.

They discovered from the visit that the first Buddha was a prince called Siddhartha.

They also learnt that Buddhist are vegetarian because they do not want animals to to die just to feed humans. After the visit, the  children wrote about Siddhartha’s life.