The Digestive System








In Y4 we are learning about the digestive system. We looked at the journey of food.

We placed a cream cracker, banana and orange juice (which represented stomach acid) into the plastic sandwich bag. The bag represented the stomach. Then we squeezed all the air out and sealed the bag. We then added water, which represented saliva. Squeezing the bag for 2 or 3 minutes smashed up the mixture inside. This mimicked the action of our stomach walls breaking down food. Then we placed the plastic sandwich bag and stocking over a tray. Cutting a small hole in the corner of the bag, we transferred the contents into the stocking. The stocking represented the small intestine.

After we squeezed the food through the stocking. The liquid that ended up in the tray represented the nutrients that are absorbed by the body and used for growth and energy. The food that remained inside the stocking represented the waste that couldn’t be absorbed by the body.

Then we cut the toe off the stocking and squeezed the remaining food out of the end and into the plastic cup. The cup represented the large intestine. Finally, pushing the food (waste) through the bottom of the cup. This represented going to the toilet.

It was so much fun and it helped us understand how the digestive system works.