TROUPE workshop

On Monday 5th December, the children in Y4 attended the Brady Arts Centre.

They went to see a performance by the  collective ‘TROUPE’.

The performance that the Year 4 cohort  watched was called  ‘The Empty Chair’. It was  a playful musical adventure exploring themes of loss, change and friendship. The story was told through a blend of original poetry, live sound, audience participation and adventurous repertoire for voice, cello and piano.

The children learnt how poetry can be portrayed in many different forms, and how stories can be told through  poetry.

This performance had an impact on the the way children performed poetry in their own lessons adapting the different techniques and styles that they had watched.

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Soane Centre

On Monday 26th September, Year 4 went on a wonderful trip to the Soane Centre.  At the Soane Centre, the children learnt about temperature and how it is a measure of how hot or cold things are. They also identified some of the materials that make good thermal insulators.

The children had the opportunity to use these insulators when building a model house to keep it warm.  Take a look at their work!

Cosy Homes


Building our model home Heat pad Heat pad