Y4 Olympic Park Summer Trip

On Wednesday 28th June, Year 4 went to the Olympic Park in Stratford. They went there to celebrate all their  hard work  and success of Year 4.

The children had the opportunity to experience rock pools, sand pits, tall tree houses, and wobbly bridges, as well as slides, swings and plenty of space to run about.   They also explored climbing frames, over-sized swings and a giant sand pit. They all had a fantastic time.

We ended the day enjoying the fabulous  water fountains.

Have a look at our wonderful day.


Reed School


On Tuesday 27th June, some  children from Year 4 were selected to be involved in a sports trip at Reed’s School in  Cobham. The trip involved the children taking part in coaching sessions and getting to play a specific sport – golf, football or cricket with other schools from different areas. The children really enjoyed the wonderful day. Take  a look at their fantastic day!


London Buddhist Centre

On Tuesday 6th June, Y4 went to the London Buddhist Centre.

They went there because they were learning about the following of Buddha. The children had the opportunity to try simple meditation.

They discovered from the visit that the first Buddha was a prince called Siddhartha.

They also learnt that Buddhist are vegetarian because they do not want animals to to die just to feed humans. After the visit, the  children wrote about Siddhartha’s life.

The Romans



On Tuesday 21st March, the children in Y4 visited The British Museum.

We went there to learn more about the  Romans, after learning  in class that they played an important role in history for Britain.

We visited Room 49,  which contains material from Roman Britain. Many of the objects are the result of excavations in the British Isles on known Roman sites. We saw objects from Roman life such as religion, pottery, the army, hoards and buildings.


We had an wonderful day, and when we came back to school we had the opportunity to share some of the information we found out.


Tower Hamlets Sumdog Winners

Well done to Y4 Saffron!

After  a lot of persevering and determination, they managed to win the Tower Hamlets Sumdog challenge.

They worked as a team to achieve this. I am very proud of their hard work!


Top Ten Winners

The Aztecs


On Monday 30th January, the children in Y4 visited The British Museum.

We went there to learn more about the  Mayans and Aztecs, after learning  in class that they played an important role in the history of chocolate. Chocolate is our topic for this half term.

During this topic, we discovered that the Mayans are believed to be the first to discover cocoa as early as 900 AD. Mayans learned that the beans inside the cocoa pods could be harvested and made into a liquid that would become a treasured Mayan treat.

In fact, the word ‘chocolate’ is said to come from the Mayan word ‘xocolatl’ which means ‘bitter water.’

The Aztecs also had their own word for chocolate: chocolatl (cho co LA til).

At the museum, we had an introduction to the world of the Aztecs through objects and materials, exploring topics including daily life, religion, trade and warfare.

IMG_1998 IMG_1995IMG_1992








We had an wonderful day and used this opportunity to write some recounts.

Have a look at the one below written by  a child in Y4 Saffron.


There I was. There I was at The British Museum. There I was at The British Museum standing at the entrance.

Before I arrived, there were a lot of unanswered questions running through my mind:

Who were the Aztecs?

What was a ‘mosaic’ serpent?

Who were the Aztec gods ? How do they differ from each other?

My heart raced with excitement – I couldn’t wait till I entered and explored.

Entering room 27 (the Aztecs room), I caught a glimpse of 3 turquoise statues in a blue case and they looked amazing, so I left my class and rushed to it. There was a turquoise ‘mosaic serpent and two turquoise ‘mosaic’ masks. Did you know that in the Aztec language ‘serpent’ was pronounced ‘Nahuatl’? The turquoise serpent was double headed.

I found out that the term Aztecs has been around for centuries. They loved drawing and used a wooden spear for hunting Americans.

Another fact that I learnt  was that one of the 5 gods was called ‘Tezcatlipoca’ and he was the god of the night sky and of the night wind. He is linked with obsidian, a black stone.

After we finished, we went to explore the Egyptian gallery and let our minds run free. I saw a real mummified body in a  coffin and a lot more perplexing things!

Now my unanswered questions  were all answered.

If you want to visit The British Museum, it is located on Tottenham Court Road, so be sure to visit it.



TROUPE workshop

On Monday 5th December, the children in Y4 attended the Brady Arts Centre.

They went to see a performance by the  collective ‘TROUPE’.

The performance that the Year 4 cohort  watched was called  ‘The Empty Chair’. It was  a playful musical adventure exploring themes of loss, change and friendship. The story was told through a blend of original poetry, live sound, audience participation and adventurous repertoire for voice, cello and piano.

The children learnt how poetry can be portrayed in many different forms, and how stories can be told through  poetry.

This performance had an impact on the the way children performed poetry in their own lessons adapting the different techniques and styles that they had watched.

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Soane Centre

On Monday 26th September, Year 4 went on a wonderful trip to the Soane Centre.  At the Soane Centre, the children learnt about temperature and how it is a measure of how hot or cold things are. They also identified some of the materials that make good thermal insulators.

The children had the opportunity to use these insulators when building a model house to keep it warm.  Take a look at their work!

Cosy Homes


Building our model home Heat pad Heat pad