Hi to everyone from Gorsefield!

It’s year 5 here. We’ve just finished our second day at Gorsefield and we’re all having a blast!

On our first day we went for a really long walk. Some of us were very tired but it was also fun. We walked through a farm, in muddy puddles and across an industrial bridge. The best part was definitely jumping in the muddy puddles- but don’t worry, we were all wearing our wellington boots so our shoes aren’t dirty.

The hike was really informative too! Our guide, Paul, helped us to learn about different types of trees; they were beautiful! Did you know that there is an Oak tree at Gorsefield that is 250 years old? We were shocked too.

Today was incredibly busy- we all had three separate activities to complete! These included archery, bike-riding and natural art. At times we were a little bit apprehensive, but we were able to get out of the Pit! Some of us used our Growth Mindsets and others asked for help from their friends.

Later on, Paul took us on a night walk. It was spooky, exciting and mysterious. Paul led us through the fields and farms in the dark. Everyone was really brave because it was pitch black! There was no light whatsoever! After we completed our hike, everyone sat in a circle and Paul lit a campfire. It looked magnificent, felt toasty, smelt like winter and was crackling as it burnt. There was silence as Paul extinguished the campfire so we could hear it hiss; it was like a snake in a desert.

We bet you can’t believe we’ve done all of these awesome activities already, well there are even more tomorrow! Sadly, it’s time for bed now so we can’t talk for much longer. However, we want everyone at home to know that we are having an interesting, exciting and educational time at Gorsefield.

See you all again soon.