Big Maths!

Continuing on from our work last half term, we attempted to complete the ‘Chains of Change’ investigation from the great maths website Nrich ( We had to work systematically to order the pieces in a line so that only the colour or shape changed in the next piece along. For example: if we start with a blue triangle, the next shape has to be either a triangle in a different colour or another blue shape. To make it even more challenging, we could only start with the blue triangle and only end with the red circle.

With our talk partner, we used cut out pieces and an ordering line to practice our ordering, then drew each solution onto sugar paper. After a few tries, we discovered how to use certain orders and steps to find as many solutions as possible.

Our teacher was really proud of how well we all worked in pairs and showed resilience when struggling by using our Growth Mindset to get out of the Pit. Even our Head of Phase came in to see!