‘What do you do here?’

A couple of weeks ago, both classes in year 5 were given the great opportunity to visit the Financial Compensation Scheme offices to find out more about careers in the finance sector.

To begin with, the children met different people who worked for the FCS to question them about their job. They had to rank the adults in from most to least in terms of seniority, wages and hours worked by asking questions and comparing the answers with those given by previous employees. Next, they completed the Merrick Island challenge in our groups. The children had to make a boat out of newspaper, devise a route off the island (which was about tho flood), choose three things to take and present this to the whole room. Finally, and probably their favourite part of the day, the children were taken on a tour around the FCS office to see all the different departments hard at work. They really enjoyed asking people questions about their jobs.

It was a great day and the children were so pleased with their experience, the kindness of the many FCS staff members we spoke, and the goody bags.

Thank-you, FCS!