Brick Lane Light Design Workshop Photos

Year 6 participated in a Brick Lane Light Design Workshop.  Our children created some lovely designs that will be used for the new street lights on Brick Lane.   You can see them there from 10th December!

Y6 Kingswood Residential

Their residential is coming to an end.  The children have had an amazing time at Kingswood and looking forward to coming home to see their family.

The Y6 are having a great time at Kingswood.

Year 6 at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Year 6 are learning about the Olympians and therefore we visited the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford. We had the opportunity to see the venues that hosted the Olympic Games in 2012 and we were amazed by the pool of champions in the London Aquatics Centre. Everyone enjoyed conquering the climbing wall and sketching the West Ham Stadium and the tallest sculpture in the UK – The Arcelormittal Orbit. Both classes agreed it would be fantastic to have a school’s sports day at this park. Therefore we wrote persuasive letters to Remi to convince her to invest some money from the school’s budget into organising it in one of the award-winning venues. Will our arguments persuade her?

London Docklands Museum

Year 6 visited the Museum of London Docklands as part of our learning about World War Two. One class attended a drama workshop to find out about the life of an ordinary housewife in East London during the war. The other class examined real objects and discovered what they were used for in WW2. We also explored the museum exhibits and learnt about the effect of the Blitz on the Docklands.

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Year 6 Classifying Animals at Stepney Farm

Year 6 went to Stepney Farm to classify animals and plants. We did three activities there.

  • We discussed and classified leaves in various different ways and put them into a Venn diagram.
  • We walked through the farm looking at all the animals. Using a classification key, we identified features of the animals we observed and made out which group they belong to: mammal, amphibian, reptile, bird, fish (vertebrates) or insect (invertebrates).
  • Finally, we played a classification bingo game with plants.

Back in school, we wrote newspaper reports about our Stepney Farm visit.

Year 6 Pond Dipping at the Soanes Centre

Children in Year 6 explored aquatic fauna and flora in a pond dipping session. They explored the adaptation of freshwater invertebrates to their natural habitat by examining pond animals using magnifying glasses and binocular microscopes. In addition, they used classification keys to identify the invertebrates. In school, they wrote instructions on how to pond dip.

Y6 Kingswood Residential – Day 2

The children had another amazing day.

Y6 Kingswood Residential – Day 1

All the children had a great first day at Kingswood.

Y6 E1 Scholars

As part of the scholars programme five children from Year 6 joined other children from the E1 partnership on a visit to Clare College University of Cambridge. They enjoyed a tour of the university and a lecture from a professor in the zoology department! They are all now very keen on the idea of life at university.

IMG_3007 FullSizeRender IMG_2930

Whitechapel Fire Station

Year 6 visited the London Fire Brigade in Whitechapel to celebrate their 150th anniversary. We learnt about the history of the fire service and had the opportunity to use a real fire hose. We were taught about how developments in technology have changed fire fighters’ uniforms and the other emergencies fire fighters see to other than fires. In the first aid workshop, we learnt how to put on a bandage.