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Science Bread

In Science, we are learning that micro-organisms are living things that are too small to be seen. We have learnt that micro-organisms can be either beneficial or harmful.

As part of this unit we have set up an investigation into mould growth.

We will record the mould growth on slices of bread that have been placed in different conditions. These monitoring sessions will be carried out weekly and at the same time each day (in order for it to be a fair test). Come back in a few weeks to see our results.  Click here to view the image.

Black History Month

Week, we have been learning about the author Malorie Blackman. Malorie has been acknowledged as one of today's most imaginative and convincing writers for young readers.  We found out exciting facts about her and we also created artwork on her Caribbean heritage.  Click here.

World Book Day

Year 6 spent the afternoon reading books, doing word searches and drawing book covers and scenes from the stories they are currently reading. We also built the best KS2 snowman! Click here.

Road Safety

We learnt about road safety in an engaging workshop ran by a theatre company Half Moon. This will be particularly useful when we start walking and travelling to our secondary schools by ourselves.  Click here for images. 

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