Celebrating Black History Month!

On Monday 14th October 2019, Osmani Primary School celebrated Black History Month with the help of professional story-teller, Wendy Shearer.  We enjoyed listening to stories about Anansi the Spider and joined in with Wendy to retell the stories through role-play.  The children used music, props, instruments and drama to retell these traditional West African tales with help from Wendy.  Through these stories we explored the morals and values being taught by the example of  Anansi the Spider and the important message that every person is special and unique, no matter how big or small.

Throughout this month we have been learning about different key figures in each year group, including astronauts, poets, designers and engineers. We look forward to displaying the children’s work for parents to view and enjoy in November. 

Y2 Art Project

In Year 2, we looked at comic art to see how lines and colours could affect a character’s appearance. We designed illustrations of characters in action, such as flying, bouncing, running etc, as our topic was “Let’s get moving”. We used watercolour and ink to add colour and detail to our action characters and then used paper collage to create an exciting background. We made a pull tab to create a pop up mechanism and make the character physically move across the page and complete our comic art.

Y2 Visit to London Zoo

Last week Year 2 travelled on the London Underground to go exploring in London Zoo.

After a brisk walk from Camden Town Station, Year 2 arrived in London Zoo to find out more about animals from all over the world.  Initially the Year 2 children explored nocturnal animals before going to view the penguin show.  While exploring the zoo they found many animals, including lazy lions sleeping in the hot sun, deadly reptiles (including cobras and crocodiles) camouflaged in the Reptile House and fish from all around the world in the Aquarium.  Before leaving the zoo, Year 2 explored the ‘Into Africa’ area to discover zebras and giraffe.

Y2 Owl Visit.

Year 2 enjoyed a visit from Dave and the owls to help them write a non-fiction report on the same topic.  Dave told the children lots of useful information that would help them to construct their report, such as the smallest owl being able to fit into an adult’s pocket.  He introduced the children to an owl called Crackerjack, a falcon called Nigel and a Barn Owl called Plop!  Children also found out more about the types of food that owls like to eat, for example rats and mice.  He explained how they use their super hearing to hear the tiny footsteps of their prey from far away!  The visit ended with Y2 children bravely exploring and holding more creatures that live in owl habitats and may be targeted for hunting!  These included a tarantula, a milk snake, huge cockroaches, a hedgehog and a giant snail!  Year 2 excitedly shared the knowledge they have learnt with their talk partners and are using it to help them write their reports this week.