Spitalfield’s Gardening Project

This term Nursery have been participating in an exciting gardening project with Spitalfield’s. We have been growing our own  fruit and vegetables in the nursery’s garden patch.

Parents were invited to join each session, taking part in planting seeds with their child, which they took home later that day. Children actively engaged in the session filling up the cups with soil, planting their seeds and writing their names on the plant pot. We talked about the texture of the soil, seeds and changes that may occur over time.







Nursery’s Trip to West Ruislip Lido

IMG_2841[1] IMG_2848[1] IMG_2838[1]

This term Nursery had a great adventure on their summer trip to West Ruislip Lido. Parents were invited to join us on our trip. Both parents and children had a a fantastic day exploring the mini seaside. Everyone on the visit had an opportunity to get on a superb train ride, which took us on a journey through the woods directly to the beach. Children then spent time playing in the sand building sandcastles, others were excited to splash in the water, whilst some played near the water sprinklers.

Children engaged in conversations with peers and adults, asking questions and developing an understanding of the world around them.

“I like playing in the sand.” Adam Nursery Red

“I made a sandcastle with my friend.” Ayyan Nursery Pink

“The children enjoyed playing in the water, they were excited during their train ride.” Parent  Nazma

On the whole it was a memorable experience for everyone!