Our visit to the farm!

Nursery have been on an excited visit to our local farm- Spitalfields farm. The children have been learning all about Easter and in particular looking at the new animals that are born during Spring. Before the visit children watched videos about the farm and even had a go at collaging a range of farm animals. The children and parents visited the farm over three days and had an opportunity to see what animals lived on the farm, who looked after them and what sounds or noise they made.

This is some of the things the children had to say:

‘Some animals were hiding. We had to look for them.’- Sulaiman

‘I saw the chickens and ducks. They was in their houses going ‘cluck cluck’. – Zaynab H

‘The animals were very small and we had to make sure we didn’t scare them. We got to touch them.’- Musa

When the children returned, they shared their photos with their friends and talked about their time on the farm. We also had an opportunity to make animal puppets, decorate Easter eggs, paint and collage flowers and animals, play with the small world farm and we even learnt about the Easter story and its link to Spring and new beginnings.