Rights Respecting Project Home

As many of you may be aware, at Osmani we are working towards achieving the Level 1 Rights Respecting School’s Award. For this to be a success, we need children and parents to be aware of what this is about.

An additional homework project was set for the whole family to get involved and find out about Rights Respecting Schools. We encouraged children to get help completing the activities.

For this project homework, they were given suggested activities. They were expected to present what they have found out to the rest of their class. Here are some pictures of some of the phenomenal homework that was completed!


Thank you for your Harvest donations!!

At Osmani, we would like to thank you for your donations linked to Harvest festival. Our Rights Respecting Ambassadors took all the donations to Whitechapel Mission- a nearby homeless shelter. We were greeted by Sue and Tony, two staff members who spend most of their time at the mission feeding and supporting homeless people. We were humbled by the work that takes place at the mission and were surprised to find out how many people were on the streets and in need of our help. We learnt that the best way to make a difference was not only to donate but to pass on our knowledge and make others aware. We are extremely lucky to be getting an education and we were told to make the most of the opportunities given to us.

We would like to say a special thanks to Mrs. Asiya Jama who donated an entire box of food supplies for the cause.