Harvest Assembly

Lower Key Stage Two presented an assembly about Harvest Festival. Year 4 explained how Harvest is celebrated in Christianity and Year 3 sang a beautiful Harvest song. It was also World Food Day so all the food that was donated reminded us how fortunate we are to have access to healthy and filling meals.

Whitechapel Mission

Thank you for all your Harvest donations. The Rights Respecting Ambassadors visited the Whitechapel Mission- a nearby homeless shelter where all your donations were greatly received and appreciated. As ambassadors who support children’s rights, we were amazed by how many adults and young people are left homeless with no shelter, food and clean water. It was a truly humbling experience and made us realise how lucky and grateful we should be to have easy access to many of our rights. As a community, it is really important that we continue to support the Global Goals (No Poverty) so we kindly thank you again for your support and contributions.

Well done to us all.​

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Houses of Parliament

The Rights Respecting Ambassadors had a thrilling (if a little bit wet) trip to the Houses of Parliament on Thursday 1st November. We were welcomed and taken through security before going on a grand tour of the historical building. Firstly, we went to the viewing gallery where we watched a debate on ‘Digital, Culture, Media and Sport’. When the MPs finished their speech, other MPs stood up and when the speaker shouted their name, they would speak. After watching the debate, we had a tour throughout the Houses of Parliament. On our tour, we saw: where the old House of Common was and also visited Westminster Hall. We then took part in a workshop called: ‘Pupil’s Parliament’. The workshop reminded us that we can make changes to laws we are not happy with. Women fought for 100 years to have the right to vote. Their voices and actions made a huge change to democracy and how we vote today.


Rights Respecting Ambassador