Red Nose Day!

On Friday 15th March, we celebrated Red Nose Day by wearing red to mark the occasion and donating money to Comic Relief. We also got the opportunity to splat our teachers in the face (cruel but so fun) and parents put on a yummy bake sale.

In class, we were shown videos about children, similar to ourselves, from around the world who benefit greatly from our donations. We watched a video about a boy who had fled his home in Iran due to war. Currently living in a refugee camp in Serbia, we found our money goes towards supporting his and other’s education by providing the camp with school resources including pencils, paper and books. Our donations also help pay for warm, nutritious meals for families in need.

As a school, we are proud to say we raised £275.40.  Thank you for your continued support- it is greatly appreciated.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

WE Day UK was incredible!

On Wednesday 6th March, the Rights Respecting Ambassadors had the privilege of attending WE Day UK. Thousands of change-makers (that includes us), packed the SSE Arena in Wembley, for this spectacular event. A-list celebrities including The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan Markle), Liam Payne, Nicole Scherzinger and Naomi Campbell, inspiring speakers and world leaders, mixed with real people, celebrated a year of action that has transformed communities and changed lives.

It was a truly inspirational day where we thought about how we could take action on things we care about. Key messages throughout the day were to ‘Get doing’, ‘Believing in ourselves’ and understanding that ‘Education is the most important tool you can have to change the world’. We hope to take the messages onboard and hope that one day we’ll be on that stage in front of thousands, inspiring them all too with the positive changes we’ve made.

Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Charity of the Year 2018/19

During one of our earlier Rights Respecting Ambassador meetings, we discussed the importance of raising money for charities and supporting children and adults who do not have access to some of their basic human rights. We thought about different charities we have heard of and decided on four charities that we would vote for to be our school Charity of the Year.

The four charities were: UNICEF, Barnado’s, NSPCC and Save the Children.

We shared these charities with our classes and each child voted for the charity they’d like us to support. The votes were counted and we are proud to announce that UNICEF has been voted as our Charity of the Year.

Please continue to support our school and children around the world to gain access to their rights and live a better life.

Y6 Rights Respecting Ambassadors

Human Rights & Equality Workshops​

As part of one of the E1 Pupil Parliament actions, the children at Osmani School thought about Human Rights and Equality. During the Pupil Parliament, the school councillors were concerned about the rise in homelessness in around the local community. The panel suggested that we all need greater awareness as to how and why people become homeless and suggested actions we could take to become active citizens to support them.

WE charity came in and held workshops with children in Year 1-6. To start the morning and afternoon sessions, the students drew the first thing that comes to their mind when they think of the homelessness.

We then discussed reasons why people become homeless which led the children to write a list of the things that they do on a day to day basis. Furthermore, the students then wrote a list of what they believe a homeless person day to day routine would be like.

Lastly, we then discussed what they can do to give back to the homeless people.

Some of the ideas included:

·         Create food packages to give at the Whitechapel homeless shelter

·         Donate to a food bank

·         Donate clothes, toys, and shoes

·         Write a letter to their local MP expressing the importance of rights for home

What will you do to support homelessness in the UK?