Harvest – Visit to Whitechapel Mission

Mahi, Y3 Gold

“I went to the Whitechapel Mission to give some food because homeless people don’t have food to eat. The centre had a kitchen where they serve breakfast. I learnt that the Mission helps homeless people to change and a have a better life.”   

Hamza, Y6 Aqua

“When we visited the Whitechapel Mission, I learnt that over 300 homeless people visit the centre every day. They provide free breakfast at 6:00am including hot showers, clothes and advice. We met Susan, Tony and Sonny who work at the centre; they do not get funding by the government. They support homeless people to change their lives and get off the streets.”

Eliza, Y3 Orange

“We went to Whitechapel Mission. They give food to poor people. Sonya, Sue and Tony work there. They teach the homeless people to read and write and support them to change their lives, They also help them to get off the streets.”