Y2V Bow Arts Project!

Violet Class were artists for the day with the Bow Arts Project.  Resident artist Jasmin helped the children to create pieces of art inspired by their current topic – Fire and Ice.  After exploring images of natural settings, such as coral reefs, children were inspired and eager to use similar colours to create layered pieces of art to add texture and dimension to their creations.  Excitedly, the children used a variety of media, including ice cubes, to create their pieces of art and having completed their work, they discussed their choices of colour, texture, style and design with their peers.  Violet Class had a fantastic day working as artists and look forward to their next visit from the Bow Arts team.  

Y2 Exploring Materials at the Soanes Centre!

Year 2 visited the Soanes Centre to find out more about materials. We found out that materials are simply what things are made of and we looked at different natural and man-made materials, such as plastic, wood, rubber, metal and glass. After sorting materials into different groups Year 2 embarked on different investigations that involved making predictions, testing them with a fair test and seeing if they could come to a scientific consensus (agreement).

The materials workshop helped children to gain a broader and deeper understanding of materials, where they come from, how they are sorted and the different ways they are used and changed. Year 2 will be using this knowledge to support their scientific predictions and investigations of materials in class this term.

Year 2 – A visit to the Science Museum

Year 2 went to the Science Museum to find out more about music and sounds.  During the course of the visit, we explored an interactive exhibition called ‘The Secret Life of Homes’ that displayed a variety of historical objects used in and around the home.  This included items from the past such as music players, washing machines, blenders, irons, vacuum cleaners and even toilets!  We also used telephones to listen to historical advertisements and learn more information about the past.  Year 2 will use this experience to support their learning for the topic of Music Maker, which will include writing and explaining how music players have changed over time.

Later, we were able to revise their learning about astronauts and space by exploring the Space gallery.  In this gallery they recapped their learning about astronauts such as Tim Peake, they gained information through various media (written, artefacts, pictures, graphs and interactive video clips) to find out more about lunar shuttles, engines and space missions.

Y2 Victoria Park Trip

On Tuesday, Year 2 visited Victoria Park to explore and sketch flowers and plants.  Last week in class, we planted our own cress seeds in soil and have been observing them as they grow.  The biodiversity of the park environment enabled us to see many different types of  plants and flowers, observe their structure and sketch them to support our writing later in the week.

We explored the park area and discovered flowers such as: daffodils, bluebells, blossom on trees as well as tiny daisies growing on the grass.  The flower garden provided visitors with a wonderful arrangement of colourful flowers that added splashes of colour to green areas.  As we explored the park further we discovered more flower beds in different areas of the park and we discussed what these plants would need to grow.

After eating lunch, we explored the park further for plants and flowers, before returning back to school.  Year 2 will be using their sketches to inspire their writing for their recount of this trip in Big Write on Friday.




Y2 Hackney City Farm

Y2 braved the cold wet weather and set off to Hackney City Farm on Thursday morning.  Once they arrived they explored the farm and enjoyed seeing and finding out more about the farm animals.  This included chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, donkeys, ducks and geese.  Although some children were nervous, they courageously navigated their way around the farm and animals to fully immerse themselves into the farm experience.  Beside the farm was Haggerston Park that allowed the children a better a view of some of the farm animals, such as the sheep and goats.  Upon their return to school, the children recounted their trip and used this knowledge and experience to further inspire them in their topic of ‘Animal Magic’.



Museum of London

Year 2 visited the Museum of London to find out more about the Great Fire of London!  During our visit we experienced the “Fire! Fire!” workshop that enabled us to gain a deeper understanding of life in London during the time of the Great Fire.  We enjoyed using role-play to help us learn more before exploring the Museum displays.   The Museum offered interesting and interactive displays on not only the Great Fire of London but also The Plague that preceded it.  Through the use of role-play, visual and audio aids, Year 2 collected information to add to their final report on this tragic event in London’s history. 

Horniman Museum

Year 2 went on an exciting visit to the Horniman Museum. We participated in a musical workshop during which we learnt lots of interesting facts about instruments from around the world. We also had the opportunity to explore the different instruments and create our own musical compositions.

In addition, we were able to see some of the amazing marine life in the aquarium.

Mile End Climbing Wall

As part of world of work week, Year 2 visited Mile End Climbing Wall. We were given a guided tour and found out about some of the different holds and climbing techniques. We also had a chance to have a go ourselves which was great fun!

Spitalfields Farm

As part of our topic “Animal Magic,” Year 2 visited Spitalfields Farm. We have been learning about different animal habitats and how animals adapt to their environment. We found out lots of interesting and fascinating facts!

Did you know that cows have four stomachs!

A pigs snout is an important tool for finding food in the ground and sensing the world around them.


Torah Scroll

In R.E. Year 2 Lilac have been learning about sacred texts. We found out that the special book for Jewish people is called the Torah. The Torah is made up of five books. It contains instructions about how Jewish people should live their lives. The Torah that is read in the Synagogue is written on a scroll.

We made our own Torah scroll and wrote on it one of the golden rights that we feel is particularly important.

We wrote it carefully, using our best handwriting.