Year 4 at the Idea Store

We had so much fun visiting our local library! First, we found out about all the services the Idea Store has on offer. Then, we did a scavenger hunt, searching for great children’s books on the ground floor of the library. After that, we climbed four flights of stairs to get to the top of the Idea Store to enjoy the amazing views. We identified the landmarks of East London and discussed the history of our area. What a fantastic experience! Many of us were not members of the library and we were certainly inspired to join.

Year 4 at the National Gallery

Year 4 visited the National Gallery to look at paintings depicting weather, which is our topic this term. We particularly focused on Joseph Turner and his stormy painting ‘Calais Pier: An English Packet Arriving’. However, we were also discussing paintings by other famous painters Renoir and  Rubens. We also sketched a stormy piece by Turner ‘Dutch Boats in a Gale’. Everyone was very inspired by the art and we are looking forward to using watercolours in our lessons as we will be creating similar paintings of storms. 

Year 4 Learning About Insulation

To immerse the children in the topic of Explorers and Keeping Warm, we visited the Soanes Centre in Mile End and learnt all about how to keep our homes well insulated. We used different materials and thought about the way we could ensure the heat did not escape. Our homes were tested with a heat source (a light bulb) and thermometer. The results were shown as a line graph on the computer so we could see the temperature rise (and even fall).

2019 World Para Swimming Championships

Year 4 went on a trip to the London Aquatics Centre in Stratford to watch the 2019 World Para Swimming Championships. We were in awe of all the swimmers who have shown us what it means to never give up. We cheered, we clapped, we waved the flags… But most importantly, we were inspired by their growth mindset and determination to achieve their goals despite the obstacles they face in life.

WE made noise, WE took action!

Year 4 were truly inspired by the message given by WE and decided to take action against a topic they had recently learnt a lot about: climate change.

The children had been learning about the effects of climate change in class and heard about the protests taking place in Central London in support for climate action. They decided that they too wanted to show their support by protesting outside the school gates.

Both Year 4 classes worked together as a team, creating powerful slogans for their banners before making a lot of noise outside the school gates on Friday afternoon. The response was fantastic! We had cars hooting their horns, pedestrians clapping in support and parents cheering us on. Most importantly, we took action and on that same day a national climate emergency was declared by the UK Parliament. Well done Year 4- together we can make a change. 


Chocolate Block Printing

Year 4 Saffron were extremely fortunate to take part in a whole day fun filled with art activities, linked to our topic of chocolate. The day began by looking at the origins of chocolate before exploring Mayan glyphs to help us design our block printing plate. We carved our designs onto polystyrene sheets using tracing paper and pencils. Once our designs were ready, we used black and brown block printing ink and rollers to fully cover our designs. We then printed our designs onto card. The best part of all was when we were introduced to gold leaf- yes, real gold was added to particular elements of our design to make our prints that little bit more special. Thank you to Bow Arts for this wonderful day.



I Am Malala

As part of our social studies, Year 4 learnt about Malala Yousafzai and her fight for girl’s education during the Taliban regime.

As a young girl, Malala Yousafzai defied the Taliban in Pakistan and demanded that girls be allowed to receive an education. She was shot in the head by a Taliban gunman in 2012, but survived and went on to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Her work inspired us to become active citizens and appreciate the rights we have access to. We wrote blogs pretending to be Gul Mukai (Malala) writing for the BBC.

Say no to plastic!

Year 4 Saffron have been learning about the dangers plastic poses on our environment and marine life. We presented an assembly to the whole school about ways we can reduce our use of plastic and to ban single use plastic, such as straws, completely.

Help us support Global Goal 14: Life Below Water by:

– Reducing the amount of plastic you use

– Re-using any plastic items if possible such as drinks bottles

– Recycling any plastic you do use


On Wednesday 20th June, some children from Y4 took part in the EAST 1 CRICKET FESTIVAL

The  aim of the festival was to:

  • Reinforce the community learning links between the E1 Partnership Schools through ‘Fair Play and Cricket’.
  • Work together to engage young players (and their parents), so that they have opportunities to talk about their joint learning experience through cricket.

It was a fantastic day and the children had  a lot of fun.   Also, two children received special awards for their fantastic cricket skills.

The day got even better when Osmani won a special award for their fair play and cricket skills.

Well done Y4!


Ministry of Stories

Some of the children in Year 4 were lucky to receive a visit from the Ministry of Stories. They came into our class to help us write stories in a creative way. We were shown a magical suitcase with lots of unusual objects inside such as a can of ‘night terrors’ and a tin of ‘the heebie jeebies’. We used the two objects as inspiration for our stories. We were able to choose our own character, setting and plot but it had to include the objects she showed us. We wrote the opening of our spooky stories but be warned- they are sure to give you the ‘heebie jeebies’.