Basketball Match Y4S Vs Y4A

Today both Y4 classes had two amazing basketball matches with each other. They were really gripping games and  the spectators were on the edge of their seats throughout.

Both groups of supporters  were deafening as they  shouted support for their teams.

At the start it seemed as if Saffron had the game in their hands, but this all changed when the sides swapped and what seemed like an unbeatable Amber came onto the court.  Luckily time was up, and after lots of cheers and near misses the game ended as a draw. Well done Amber and Saffron.

“It was spectacular! One of the best games that I have ever seen!”
Russell – The school coach







Spitalfields Music Festival

The Year 4 children have been really fortunate to take part in a special Spitalfields Music Project. Both classes participated in school sessions and rehearsed with experienced musicians from Spitalfields, composing and performing their very own songs. The final performance took place at Rich Mix in Bethnal Green, where the children performed in front of a live audience. We are so proud of the music and talent produced by the Year 4 students.






Trip to Whitechapel Art Gallery

This half term, Year 4 visited Whitechapel Art Gallery and took part in an art workshop. The children looked closely at the work of Thomas Ruff before creating their own lumen prints using leaves, twigs, toothpaste and sun tan lotion. It was creative, messy and extremely fun!